Why Text Messaging Can Be A Gateway For The Bad Guys To Your Computer Or Mobile Phone

These days we tend to communicate in all sorts of ways. We see a lot of advancement in the field of tech and it is no surprise that most of the advancement that we see comes in the form of communication. Humans thrive off of being able to communicate with each other. That is how we form bonds with both our friends and our family. We are considered pack animals and so communication will always be very important to us.

But the ways in how we communicate are always changing. While the phone has probably been the biggest invention ever when it comes to communication, it is followed closely by the internet. Both of these formats allow you to be able to talk to people whenever you want to. But it seems that these days a lot of people are not satisfied with just being able to talk to the person. They want to be able to use a different kind of tech to communicate with that person. This type of tech is called Texting.


What is texting?

There is a pretty good chance that you already know what texting is. But in this case we are not just talking about texting on the phone. No, in this case we are talking about both texting while you are on your mobile phone and texting while you are on the computer. This is usually called instant messaging but it works the same way as texting on the phone does. And both ways of communicating seem to be very popular with people these days.

They both allow you to write short messages to a person and have them read it. The person then responds to the message in real time. This way, you can have a conversation with each other and it happens just as fast as if you were having a conversation with that same person and you both were in the same room. Some people wonder how is this different than email? Well, email is missing the part where you can speak to the people in real time. While you can respond very quickly, there will be a much larger gap in time for that response than it is when you use text or instant messaging technology.

Where is the danger in these two technologies?

While it may not seem like it, there is a lot of danger involved when it comes to using both instant messaging and texting. These dangers are considered serious security violations but they both can be prevented if you know what to look for.

First of all, you need to remember that both of these technologies integrate with the web pretty well. This means that you will have a lot of the same rules that you do when you are surfing on the web. The people who know this best are the bad guys who have found that they can find many targets using the text technology.

They find their targets by sending fake links for people to click on in the text messages. For some reason people think that when they click on a link in these clients, that they will not be exposed to the dangers that clicking on a rogue link on a web site would bring. That is just not the case. You are exposing yourself big time when you are on these text client. And yes, even if you are on your mobile phone you are exposing yourself just as much.

While a lot of the attacks that come in this form are technical in nature, the main type of attack that happens through text is not. These attacks are usually of the phishing variety. And phishing attacks are considered very low level tech. All you have to do in a phishing attack is to try to have the victim give you information about themselves. You can do this by setting up a fake web site made to look like an institution that they trust. Or you can just give them a form to feel and make it seem like they are winning a prize or helping some sort of charity. No matter what, there are several ways that will allow a bad guy to attack a person through this method.

If you are using text or instant messaging technologies, you can avoid this by not clicking on links from people that you do not know. And you definitely do not want to fill out any forms from a web site that you found through link spam on these networks. Avoiding interacting with spam all together will be your best bet in avoiding any problems on these networks.

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