Why Should You Learn How To Script?

If you run a network or are in charge of another company‚Äôs network then you should really try to increase the skill levels that you have so that you can make securing the machine a little easier. There are too many times when someone who is supposed to be running a network will settle on the skills that they learned when they first started and will not increase them. If that is the case then it is only a matter of time before someone is able to show that you shouldn’t have stopped the learning process. But if you are able to keep up with the latest techniques then you will have an easier time defending yourself.


One of the skills that you should have as a network administrator is the ability to learn how to script. I am not talking about full on programming which takes many years to get right. I am talking about learning some sort of script language that will allow you to automate some of the processes on your network. With being able to automate some of the processes, you will never be behind because everything is running without your input.

This means that anything that you would need to check as far as security metrics go could be done automatically as well. And if any of the settings change, you can write a script that will notify you very quickly. Instead of waiting for a few hours before you knew that a hacker was on your system, you can find out in a matter of minutes while there is a chance that they are still in the system.

It is not hard to learn how to create scripts on your server. You just either use the Bash scripting language if you are on Linux, or for both Windows and Linux you can use Python, Ruby, and even Perl. It might take you a week to be able to get the basics done but once you do that you will be able to automate your server anyway that you like.

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