Why Set Your Packet Sniffing App To Promiscuous Mode?

There are times when you need a little bit more power from the tool that you are using. Sometimes it seems that what you have been doing in the past is just not enough. You need to add something a little bit extra. That is what you are doing when you set whatever packet sniffing app that you are using to monitor the network in promiscuous mode. A packet sniffing app set to promiscuous mode will allow you to see things on your network that you didn’t know were there. In this article I am going to tell you what a packet sniffing app does and why promiscuous mode is so important.


What does a packet sniffing app do?

Sometimes you have to be able to stop any kind of traffic that seems a little bit odd on your network. While you may have a firewall to block certain kinds of traffic, there are other kinds that are able to sneak through. That is why you use a packet sniffer to try and analyze the traffic that is flowing. But most packet sniffers are designed to only look for a certain kind of traffic. This allows the program to be able to save CPU power while it is running. But sometimes you need to see everything that is coming in.

And that is what promiscuous mode allows you to do. With this turned on, you are able to see everything that comes into your network. It is a lot more data to shift through but there is no way the bad guy is going to be able to hide. If you are well trained in what to look for when it comes to network data streams then you will be able to pick up anything that seems odd. The bad guys do their best to try and make their data packets look just like everything else. But when someone is looking who knows what to spot, then it is much harder for the bad guys to be able to do their job.

A packet sniffer, no matter what kind you use, is a great app to have in your tool kit. Just make sure that if you need to, you use all of the options that are at your disposal.

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