Why Serious Bugs In Internet Explorer Still Matter

Believe it or not most people do not even know what a browser is. All that they know is that they push a button and a square box pops up and it shows the internet. If you do not believe me there is a video on YouTube from a couple of years ago when Google first introduced Chrome to the world. They made a big deal in showing that most people had never ever heard of the word browser before even though they used one almost every day. While you do not have to be a tech head to know what a browser does and how you use one, do not expect everyone to know what it is and how it helps them.


And that is a big reason why internet explorer was able to keep such a large lead all of these years when it came to the browser wars. Most people who had a computer at home had a Windows based computer and they just used what they were told to use. And most of the time, unless they had a friend or a family member tell them different, they were told to use internet explorer. It was easy to find on the computer, already installed, and as far they knew it was able to pull up the internet with no problems at all. If you are developer you know that for years Internet Explorer lagged behind in some areas but most people did not know that. And that was because most developers would fix the errors that showed up in internet explorer before the user would even see it. And for most people that was okay.

But now we are in a different era and internet explorer is not the top dog that it once was. Microsoft got lazy when it came to their success and other browser vendors were able to surpass them. You can also add to that all of the sudden more people knew what a browser was. And when they saw the competitors compared to internet explorer they decided to go that way. And that is why you see browsers like Chrome and Firefox start to edge out Internet Explorer when it comes to the supreme browser. And even to this day when it comes to security, internet explorer has gotten a lot better but it still lags behind the other browsers out there. And this is a really big problem.

While the general population has become more aware when it comes to the job of a browser, there are still a lot of people out there who really do not know much about them. And that means that they do not upgrade the browsers and they still use the default that was on the computer when they first got it. And even Microsoft is trying to convince their users to not do that. They want their users to upgrade to the newest version of Internet Explorer so that they can be safer. Even up to version 8 of Internet Explorer there was a lot of security problems that had to be addressed. And they were addressed in later updates of the browser. But since people are still using the older version of the browser it becomes a real problem.

So when you see a security breach in even the more modern versions of internet explorer it means that there is a serious problem. There are still a lot of people using older versions of the browser so if the security issues is affecting the newer versions then it is probably hitting the older versions of the browsers twice as hard.

So if you can update your browser or if you know someone who still uses an older version of internet explorer get them to upgrade as well.

photo: Javier Aroche

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