Why Scripting Your Security Is Usually A Good Idea

The one good thing about computers is the ability to be able to make your normal daily task go faster. If you need to go shopping and you see that there is a big line ahead of you, in a lot of grocery stores you can go in the automatic checkout lane and scan the items yourself. If you need money and you do not have time to go to the bank, then you can easily go to one of the thousands of ATMs that are available for you to use. These are just a few in the many ways that computers have made your life easier. They allow you to be more efficient and do your task much quicker.


But for some reason, when people perform tasks on the computer directly, they do most of them manually. What I mean by that is that when they are actually sitting down working on a computer, they type on the keyboard themselves. It doesn’t matter if it is a task that they do every day, they will sit down and manually type in the information. There is way of getting around this limitation and it is called scripting your task.

What is scripting?

Scripting is the ability to be able to give instructions to the computer and have it run for you without you manually touching anything. While a lot of people call it scripting, even more people call it programming. But usually programming involves a lot more knowledge about the technology than scripting does. There are many scripting languages out there. Python, Ruby, JavaScript are some examples of scripting languages. These are known as high level languages and they give you the ability to be able to automate many of the tasks that you do on the computer.

The biggest problem with learning how to script on the computer is that it has a huge learning curve that people must be able to get over. Learning how to program is not easy but it also is not as hard as you might think it is. This is especially true when you are dealing with high level languages. The higher level the language is the less that you have to learn. But if you want to be able to do more things on the computer, you will have to increase your skills and go deeper inside of the technology.

Scripting and Security

For most people, what they do on the computer everyday is not something that they care about being able to automate. And even if they wanted to automate the process they are not able to because the learning curve is so high and they do not have time to conquer it. But for people in the world of computer security, the learning curve should not be as high. First of all, there are a ton of people who are in the computer security world who know how to program already. Most people who know how to reverse engineer already know how to program. They might just not think about automating some of their security practices. But for the people who are in security who do not come from a programming background, getting off the ground when it comes to scripting is not as easy as it is for others in their field. Some might wonder if it is even worth it to learn. It really is. This is especially true if you are working with vulnerabilities all day long. You will find that there is a pattern in the attacks that you are looking at. Instead of having your eye on the problem all of the time, you can actually create a quick script that will allow you to find problems even when you are not actively looking at it. This will give you more time to find other attacks that you might not know about.

Another benefit that you will find as a computer security researcher when you learn how to script or program is that you will understand the inner workings of the computer better. The people you are going against are mostly programmers and they understand the system. It would help if you were able to understand the system as well. If you knew how to program then that wouldn’t be much of a problem.

If you want to be able to do your job a lot easier when it comes to computers, then learning how to script will make that possible. When you are someone who works on the computer all of the time, you will find that a lot of processes that you do are the same all of the time. Learn how to script to automate those processes.

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