Why Reading Security White Papers Is Part Of The Job When Securing Your Network

Thanks to the new information age we are bombarded with new information at a rapid pace.

It is hard to tell sometimes whether the information that we are getting is good or just someone’s junk opinion.

Since anybody is able to publish information to the internet we have to use our best judgment to determine whether the information that we receive is credible or not.

Even though information is important in most parts of society, nowhere is it more important than when you are dealing with computer security on the internet.

The black hat hackers that are out there are able to process the information that they receive at a record pace and you must make sure that you try your best to be able to keep up with them.

If you do not then you are going to find yourself at the losing end of the battle.

If you are in the world of computer security then the best way that you can keep up to date is to read the white papers that are released.

There are many different places where you can get them from and they are chock full of information about different types of attacks and techniques that people are using in the wild.

how reading white papers can help you secure your network

how reading white papers can help you secure your network

Not Only In The Wild

While the computer security white papers will teach you about attacks that are being used on the internet right now, they will also teach you about attacks that might be coming on the horizon.

When you see an attack in the wild, it is usually created by mixing several different techniques that are known to exploit the computer.

First the black hat hacker has to deliver the code that is going to harm the computer.

So that means a piece of code has to be created just to deliver the attack.

Now that same black hat hacker has to have an attack that is sure to work so now they have to write the attack code itself.

After this is done, the hacker must now create the code that is going to call home to their server and deliver the information that they are looking for.

As you can see, this is a multi step process.

Most of the processes that are discussed will have been discovered by different people and they would have written about it.

If you had read the white paper beforehand then you would have been able to recognize some parts of the attack.

This is a game of information and the only way that you are going to be ahead of the bad guys is to make sure that you are ingesting as much information as possible.

The Best Part About This Method…

While it is good to know about all of the different method of attacks that could possibly affect you, it is probably for the best if you concentrate on attacks that are sure to affect you the most.

You know the type of hardware and software that you are running on the network that you are trying to protect.

This means that you can focus on the security white papers that are released that focus on that equipment.

This means that if you run a mysql database server then you are not going to have to worry about attacks that happen on an Oracle server.

The bad guys have to try their best to find out the equipment that you are running.

That is not an easy thing to do which is why a black hat hackers attack is usually more general in nature.

Unless they are targeting you directly, then there is not much of a chance that they know everything that you are running.

So if you focus on the white papers that directly affect you and mix with a little bit of outside knowledge then you have a good chance of keeping your network safe.

Just Remember…

While you are starting to absorb this information in, you must remember that the bad guys are doing the same thing as well.

Most white papers are available to the public and any black hat hacker that wants to advance his skill set is going to take a look at this information as well.

So you must not only read it but be able to comprehend it as well.

When you are dealing with the bad guys on the internet, you have to remember that knowledge is power.

So to keep yourself knowledgeable about the security arena, read as many white papers as you can.

If you do this, then you will be able to give yourself a fighting chance against the attackers that might come after your organization from around the world.

Which white papers do you read?

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