Why People Still Use Internet Explorer When There Are Still Serious Vulnerabilities

The browser is the window that we use to look out on the world that is the internet. And for the most part, a big percentage of people still use Internet Explorer to look out with. Yes, while it may not be the top dog that it once was, it is still a very heavily used browser. And that is probably not going to go away any time soon. While the other browsers have caught up in popularity and in some cases have gained over internet explorer, IE still remains the browser that will not go away.


But there is a good reason why people wonder why Internet Explorer is still in heavy use. And the reason why they wonder that is because it is always under attack and is found to be always under duress when it comes to safety. While overall Microsoft has gotten better when it comes to safety issues their browser is still carrying around a lot of legacy issues that it still has to deal with and it is harming it to this day. Let’s take a look at the latest problem that it is having.

There was a zero day just released recently for the Internet Explorer browser. The zero day which was called mshtmlCDwnBindinfo let an attacker take control of the browser. It did this through what is known as null reference pointer. This type of attack happens a lot when application is created in the C or C++ language. The exact details of the attack go beyond the scope of this article but it is a serious one and it seems like something that happens to Internet Explorer all of the time.

But it is not like the other browsers do not have problems of their own. Yes, the other browsers out there have security issues as well. But they are usually found and fix in a decent amount of time. For some reasons the fixes for Internet explorer seem to take a little bit more time. That might be because of the more open nature of the other popular browsers. If you want to, you can take a look at the source code of both Safari and FireFox as well as Chrome. With this much access you have a lot of eyes on the code and more people to tell you when something is wrong.

The reason why people still use Internet Explorer over other browsers is because most people still use Windows for their operating system. And the default browser on Windows is Internet Explorer. And most people do not even know that you can install another browser on your system to get internet access. They do not even know what a browser is. And while the later versions of Internet Explorer are a lot safer than the older versions most of the people out there are still using an older version of the browser. While Windows 8 will get you a pretty safe version of the browser, most people are still using Windows 7 and Windows XP. With Windows 7 you can upgrade your browser to the latest one but with Windows XP the highest version of the browser that you can get is IE8.

So as you can see, there are many reasons why people still stick with Internet Explorer. And while sticking with a later version might not be so bad, sticking to an older version could have serious security consequences.

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