Why Not Everyone Uses Security Software On Their Computer

When you hear everyone talking about keeping your computer secure you usually hear about what software you need to do this. There are a lot of suggestions out there but what is usually boils down to is that you need some sort of antivirus solution and a firewall running at all times. But that is only if you are talking about a personal computer. If you are someone who runs a small business then there might be a little bit more software that you need to get the job done. And it really makes sense because you want to do what you can to make sure that your computer stays safe.


But not everyone feels the need to follow that same route. This is especially true when it comes to a lot of people’s personal computer. Some people feel the need to surf the internet without any protection. But don’t think that the people who do this are people who do not know any better. There are actually some people in the computer security world who do not have any kind of security protection on their computer. And they do it on purpose. They have a problem with how the average antivirus software works so they choose not to participate.

Some of these security professionals feel that the antivirus solutions out there now pick up on threats way too late for it to be effective. And in essence they do have a point. For most antivirus vendors, they wait until an attack hits a certain amount of victims and then they do something about it. And if you happen to be in that first group to be attacked then you are just out of luck. Your system has now been compromised and you have to wait until they decide to target that type of attack to be able to fix it. So a lot of security pros just decide to use the computer with a few browser plugins that stop drive by web attacks and no antivirus at all.

But this really just proves one thing when it comes to computer security. It more important to have knowledge and basic common sense than it is to have the latest and greatest in computer security software. Most of the attacks that come to your machine could be stopped by just have a little forethought first.

You do not have to be a computer security expert to be able to recognize threats that might be able to harm your system. You just have to recognize what you should and should not do when it comes to your computer. You should not open files that you do not recognize or is from strangers. You should not click on links on website that you do not trust. You should not give your personal information on websites that you are not sure about. And there are a few more rules that you should follow that are more common sense then they are anything technical.

We are not suggesting that you uninstall your antivirus and your firewall right now. We were talking about professionals in the earlier paragraphs and unless you are one you should not attempt this. But the point that we were trying to make is that you should not rely on your security software to do all of the work. You should use a lot of common sense as well.

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