Why New Security Guys Should Consider Specialising In Web Apps

Keeping their web app safe is something that all businesses are really thinking about lately. More and more, you are starting to see most people conduct their business online and the ones who cannot keep their customers safe are going to be the one who loses those same customers. You must be able to keep your company in your customer’s good graces and the only way to be able to do that is by keeping them safe. One of the ways that you can keep your web app safe is by hiring a web app security guy.

Why New Security Guys Should Consider Specialising In Web Apps

And if you are someone who works in the field of computer security then this is an area that you might want to get involved with. While you might think to yourself that you already work in protecting networks that is very different than protecting web apps. With web apps you are working with the source code and keeping it safe. When it comes to protecting the network you are mostly working with the hardware. Both jobs are important but there are more people in the job market who are qualified in working with networks than with protecting and securing software.

As a business, you cannot afford to think that your network guy has enough expertise to be able to protect the software side of the business as well. You must be ready to hire someone who can actually dig down deep into the source code and make sure that it is protected. And it cannot be just a normal programmer either. Most programmers only learn the bare minimum when it comes to securing their applications. It must be someone who really knows a lot more.

Web apps are not going away anytime soon. And as a matter of fact, the field is only getting bigger and bigger. Just like we needed someone to protect out networks, we are going to need someone to protect our apps as well. This is a huge job opportunity for anyone that is interested.

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