Why Learning How To Reverse Engineer Apple Products Is A Good Idea For Your Computer Security Career

For a long time it was known by everyone that Microsoft was king of the hill. But it was not always like that. In the early 80’s if you wanted a home personal computer then you would go with Apple or something like the Commodore 64. Apple was known for being cutting edge technology and the other systems out at the time had major flaws that were hard not to overlook. But then something happened and Microsoft allowed all of the different computer manufacturers to use their operating system. All of a sudden you could buy a computer that was half the price of what Apple was charging at the time and it was (some would say) just as good. That was the beginning of what led to the dominance of Microsoft and we have been in that same pattern ever since. But things are slowly starting to change.


While Microsoft has been the dominating computer platform for a long time now and it still is when it comes to personal home computers, there has been an uptick on the different devices that we use for computing purposes. We are not only stuck to desktops and laptops to be able to handle our computing needs. Now we have devices such as tablets and mobile phones that help us get the job done as well. We do not need a full computer to be able to get most of what we want done on the computer. Now all you need is a smart phone and then you are good to go. But do not think that the good guys are the only ones who are noticing this trend. The bad guys are looking at it too and they are responding accordingly.

The bad guys have adjusted their plans and they are no longer just going after people who use the Windows operating system. For so long it was easy just to do that because you know that 90% of the people who use computers would be on one. But now that is no longer the case. So if you want to be a successful black hat hacker then you need to be able to broaden your horizons. You need to be able to think outside of the box and go after the other platforms. And if you are a true hacker then being able to think outside of the box is not a real problem for you.

So if you are someone who deals in being a computer security researcher it is time for you to change up as well. You can no longer just know the internals of the Windows operating system and hope to get by. You have to make yourself familiar with the Apple suite of products as well. And it does not hurt if you start to look into the Android suite of products also. You need to be able to fight the bad guys wherever they might be. The war has spread and you need to make sure that you are able to keep up with it,

So that means that you have to start to learn the Mac OS X line of operating systems, the IOS operating system, and the Android operating system. While you do not need to know every single aspect by heart it is better for you if you are at least familiar with them. If you do not start to learn and you are not able to keep up then you might find yourself out of a job soon.

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