Why It Is A Good Idea To Have Your USB Sticks Encrypted

These days it is really cheap to get a large amount of storage. In the past the one thing that was hard to come by on a computer was storage. You would only have a small amount of storage to work with. And that does not include the small amount of RAM you had to work with as well. But over the years both the storage devices of a computer and also the RAM have become a lot cheaper. And it is good timing too. Because the amount of data that we use these days needs a large amount of storage area and if it does not have it your computer is pretty much useless. The average video file is over 1GB in storage space. 5 or 6 years ago the average computer would only come with 10 to 20 GB of storage space. If that was the case these days that would mean your computer would only be able to hold up to 10 to 20 movies. Just imagine a computer with 20 movies on it and nothing else.


But like we said that is not the case these days. Most computers come with over 100GB of storage space. As a matter of fact the average computer comes with about 500 GB of storage space these days. And that includes the laptops that we purchase. And while the amount of storage of the average computer has gone up, the price of the average computer has gone down. And a big reason for that is because the average price of storage is very cheap. We can also see that in the extra USB devices that we buy.

If you look at your average grocery store counter and the beginning of your favorite electronic stores you will see USB devices with a lot of storage capabilities being sold for very cheap prices. You can get a 16GB USB storage device for under $10. The cheap price is causing everyone to purchase one. They know that they can store extra data like pictures and important files on these devices and they can place it somewhere safe. And this is a very good idea. It lets you keep a backup local copy while still keeping everything on your regular machine hard drive or in the cloud. But there is one problem when you have devices such as these. They are very easy to lose.

Most of the portable USB devices being sold today are very small. And because they are so small that means that they are easy to lose. And these devices get lost all of the time. People place them on their key chains or they have them in their pockets and something happens. The next thing that you know the USB devices are on the ground. And there is a good chance that most people do not even notice that the devices are missing until someone else comes around and picks it up. And by that time, the data that is on the USB drive is exposed to whoever picked it up.

That is why you really need to think about encrypting your USB drives before you take it out into the public arena. This is especially true if you keep important data on the device. There are too many people out there who can use your personal data for bad purposes. You do not want to make it easy for them by giving your data away on a silver platter.

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