Why Isn’t Everything Encrypted Online?

If you watch TV or go to the news web sites online you eventually will run across a security expert. They will try to scare you about all of the dangers on the web and if they are doing their job good enough it will actually work. While they may be over hyping the dangers, they are right about one thing. In some corners of the internet, the web can be a very dangerous place. And if you are not careful then you can become a victim of some of these dangers very quickly. That is why you should try your best to try and learn some of the protections techniques that are available to you.

What Is Encryption?

One of the protection techniques that you hear about the most is the art of encryption. While very few people understand exactly how the technology works, millions of people use it every day. And that number is only growing. You can see encryption being used whenever you go to your banking web site and that little lock in your browser pops up. Or you can tell that it is being used when you visit a web site and the little “s” at the http section of the address bar shows up. Encryption at this point is a proven technology and one that you can feel safer going to web sites that you use it. So if that’s the case why doesn’t everyone have encryption options on their web site?

Why isn’t encryption everywhere on the web?

If you have a technology that is as good as encryption then why is it not found on every web site on the web? If that will help you become safe then why is it not everywhere? This is actually a very good question. Unfortunately it does not have a simple answer. But there are two answers that we can give that will hopefully help you.

The first answer that we will give is that having encryption on the web site slows it down. While it may not be important for you to visit your bank’s web site at the fastest internet speeds, there are certain web sites where speed really does matter. This is especially true if you are on a web site with a lot of content. So if the data on the web site is not vital and the amount of content is large then there really is no reason to add encryption. And that leads to my next point.

Not everything is important enough to have encryption on it. If you are on a web page with just picture of cats being goofy then you do not need encryption. Different web sites have different security priorities.

As you can see encryption on the web is important but just not on every web site.

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