Why Is Your Phone Acting Funny After Installing That New App?

The mobile phone is the new computer. I think at this point that it is clear to everyone that we have new way of computing and it is in your pocket. And be sure that it is not the only way of computing these days. Besides your traditional laptop and desktop, you also have tablets as well. But the mobile phone has probably outnumbered all of these devices. And because of that you have to be sure that you are ready to treat the phone in a special way. That means that just because you can install any program that you want does not mean that you should.

Why Is Your Phone Acting Funny After Installing That New App?

Problems arise with the new mobile phone platform when people install just about anything on the phone. They do not bother about confirming whether the app is safe or not. They just hit the install button and hope for the best. And they might not even put that much thought into the problem. You must be aware that your phone not only has your music and your apps in it. It also has your personal data inside of it as well. So this means that you must be sure that you do not get caught with a malicious app in your phone.

It is because of the personal data inside of it which makes the phone so dangerous. Black hat hackers want to be able to exploit this personal data so they are willing to go out of their skill set and attack this new way of computing. If it is able to bring them a profit with little to no effort then it is worth it to them that they learn how to exploit the devices.

Both of the most popular phone devices out there, the Android and the IPhone, are based on ARM chip designs. This means that the black hat hackers out there cannot rely on their knowledge of x86 based chips that a majority of the computer users use. With mobile phones they have to learn a new chip set and a new form of Assembly language. But like we said before, to them it is worth in the end.

So if your phone is acting funny after you installed an app then you might want to uninstall it as soon as possible. There is a good chance that the bad guys have been introduced to your phone and you do not want them to have a permanent home there.

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