Why Is My Antivirus Software Not Working?

There are times when your computer does not work as you expect it to.

No matter how good you treat the system there will be something that goes wrong that is beyond your control and you never know which piece of the system that the problem will affect.

Sometimes it might be a problem with the actual operating system and other times it might be a problem with some of the third party software that is installed on there.

A piece of software that seems to have problems a lot is the antivirus program that you have installed on the machine.

The problem with this software messing up is that you never quite know what it is from.

It can be just a glitch in the machine or it can be a dangerous malicious virus that has infected you.

In the following article I will take a look at some of the reasons why your antivirus might not work like you expect it to.


A Simple Problem With The Software

One of the problems that you could have is that the software itself might be messing up.

Something might have changed in the configuration and you didn’t know it.

What is most likely happening is that you had a trial version of the antivirus running and now you must either purchase the full version or uninstall it and put a different antivirus solution on the machine.

This is the most likely culprit when you are talking about an antivirus package that worked one day and then the next just suddenly stopped.

That is the first thing to look at if we are talking about it stopping with no outside influence.

Next we will take a look at the causes if there is an outside influence affecting the machine.

A Virus Or Other Piece Of Malware Is Attacking Your System

In the past when a piece of malware would infect your system it would hide in a folder cause some trouble and then, when it was found, all trouble would stop.

That is not the case in the modern age.

The people who create the viruses that infect our systems are smarter than ever these days.

They are able to cause trouble at levels that were not even thought of in the past.

They have created viruses that are able to disable antivirus software on the machine or, if it sees that you are going to a web site to download an antivirus package, it will cause your computer to shut the internet off.

So if your antivirus is shut off this is the second thing that you should be concerned about.

If you see that there is no problem with the validity of your software, meaning that there are no trial issues, then you can start to try to get the virus off of your system.

If there is a virus on your system then you should take the steps necessary to get it off.

It is important to try to get your antivirus working as soon as possible.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. My sophos anti virus says I have two threats but when I open the quarantine manager there are no longer any details for me to take action. I had problems yesterday with a virus that failed to be cleaned up. What should I do. I have a macOSX 10.9.5

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