Why Is It Important To Keep My Windows 7 Computer Fully Patched And Updated?

When you have a computer there are always little things that you have to do to it to make sure that it is running right.

Unfortunately, some people think that they can just turn on the computer and run it with no problems.

This is just not true.

You have to make sure that you have all of the right items set up on your computer for it to work right.

These items include the right software, such as a proper antivirus and firewall but there are other things that you must do to keep your computer secured and running right as well.

This includes making sure that your Windows 7 system has all of the newly found holes patched up.

The only way that you can do this is by using the Windows update option.

Using this option along with the other software mentioned previously will keep your computer running smoothly.

Keeping Your Windows 7 Installation Updated

The Windows update option will allow your computer to download the latest patches from Microsoft – usually these (the security patches) are released on the second Tuesday of each month.

These patches will fix any security holes that have been found in the operating system recently.

Every day there is a new hole that is found and these holes can range in severity levels.

Some of the holes are non-threatening and cannot be used to exploit your computer, while other holes are severe and can do damage to your computer’s operating system.

When a severe hole is found Microsoft will alert you and allow you to download the fix for it.

In most of the instances, the problem comes down to time.

The patch for the hole must be installed in a set amount of time or the person using the computer will eventually be exploited.

Some people will ignore the warning to update their Windows 7 system when they see it – they will choose to bypass it instead of allowing the computer to fix the hole.

It takes time for the new patches to install, time that they can spend doing other things so they will delay in installing the patches until a time of their choosing.

Don’t do that!

The warnings are there for a reason.

Every moment that the hole is in your computer is another day that it is surfing the internet in a vulnerable state.

Even some of the holes that are considered medium severity can turn around and be used against your computer to harm it in some way.

So you have to be sure that when you get a warning to fix a bug that you take heed to it.

If you do not, then you will find out that there can be severe consequences in waiting.

When you are using Windows 7 or any other operating system you must treat it with respect.

You must make sure that you do the proper things to maintain the integrity of the operating system.

This includes downloading the proper updates for it.

If you do, then you will have a stable computer that you can use for a long time.

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  1. Just took a look at your site Daniel,,looks real good, now have it bookmarked, an will be passing it on.

  2. Good article Lee,, i have never understood why people will not update their computers since its so easy today.

    • Me neither – I assumed it was because they were busy but, c’mon folks – if you have a genuine copy of Windows you can set it up to do backups automatically – it isn’t hard!

  3. It’s amazing to me that a computer with no protection works at all! I really wonder how much malware he’s got…

  4. Excellent article. I always struggle with explaining to people the importance of updates. I am amazed at how many machines come to me that have not been updated, (especially XP or Vista systems that don’t have Service Packs installed on them! crazy.)

    • Hi Daniel.

      I know exactly how you feel because even my own friends and relatives seem to be too busy (or lazy) to install any service packs.

      My ex-father-in-law, for instance, has Windows XP with no updates and he runs no security software whatsoever. Thats just crazy if you ask me.

      By the way, I had a quick look at your site – good work!


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