Why Is Everyone Hyped Up About Windows 8?

The tech community seems to go in an uproar every time some new product is introduced to the market. While the tech community seems to go crazy over the device, the mainstream of society could probably care less. They want to see the product when it comes out. That is when they will start to make their own judgments about the device. This is not the case with Windows 8. Windows 8 is an operating system that is going to affect everyone because of its reach. The Windows family lines of operating systems are in about 90% of the home computers around the world. So when they say that they have a new version of the operating system to show then everyone sits up and listens. So what are people hyped up about when it comes to Windows 8?

Windows 8 hype

Windows 8 features

The main feature when it comes to Windows 8 is how the Metro side of the operating system runs well on tablets. Yes there are two side of the operating system if you can believe it. The one side that you are going to probably see in all of the commercials is what is known as the Metro side. It is the side that is optimized for tablet computing. But you can also use it on a normal desktop as well. They are even creating touch screens for both laptops and desktops that will allow you to be able to use the full abilities of the Metro side on other devices besides a tablet. Another great feature that you will see on the metro side is the ability to be able to lock two apps side by side. This means that you will not have to worry about pushing an app to the background when you are using it in tablet mode. You can just place the two apps right next to each other and then go from there.

While you may see the Metro side of the operating system advertised more, it is the Desktop top side of Windows 8 that you will probably use more. The desktop side of Windows 8 is the same type of user interface that you are used to when it comes to Windows products. It will look and work familiar and will make anyone who loves Windows 7 continue to be very happy. You can easily switch to either interface with the touch of a button.

Windows 8 has also upped the stakes when it comes to how you configure multiple screen desktops on your computer. You can now place the start screen on one monitor and the desktop on the other. Or you can set up the icons of your computer so that they show up on both monitors. Heck, you can even stretch your background picture across multiple monitors. These are changes that people have been asking for a long time. Now it is the time that they finally get them.

They have also improved the search features of Windows. They started this in Windows Vista, improved it in Windows 7, and have made it even better in Windows 8. Now the search results will show very little lag and will be kept up to date even better than before.

Windows 8 is a great improvement over not only the other operating systems out there but other Windows systems as well.

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  1. The big question for the corporate world is going to be “what’s the ROI?”. migrating to a new version of vindoews requires investment and a business case. . I’m stull using XP for God’s sake!

    From the perspective of hte bean counters, a snazzy new interface does not good business sense make.

    Mind you, if anti-malware is baked into the ODS that that has to be taken seriously.

    • I must admit I only have Windows 7 on one machine. My netbook has XP, laptop has Vista and the kids’ machines are on XP too. If if didn’t cost £70+ to upgrade I would have done so long ago but there is no ROI whatsoever in doing so for home use.

      Windows 7 has a large install base now but I would be interested in knowing how many copies were sold as opposed to shipped with new machines?

      As for the anti-malware, having in-built antivirus sounds good, but if the majority of computer users are relying on the same solution then I’m sure the hackers will take an unhealthy interest in that situation!


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