Why Internet Explorer Is Safer Than It Has Been In Years

For a lot of people it seems as if the browser wars were a long time ago. If you do not remember then you missed Microsoft taking on the entire web browsing industry and winning. Some people think that the only reason they won is because of the huge market share that they had with their Windows operating system. While that did play a huge factor in their victory it was not the only factor. They actually had very good technology for the time and people really did enjoy using their Internet Explorer browser. But then came the lawsuits and Microsoft had to make some changes.


But even though they had to make some changes to the browser, it still was enjoying its time at the top. The changes that they did have to make seemed not to affect its overall number one ranking for a long time. This is when Microsoft decided that they would get comfortable and announced that they would not make any more improvements on their browser. They felt that the technology grew as much as it could and the only updates they would make would be security updates. How wrong they were.

It turns out that the company that Microsoft had defeated named Netscape was not down for the count after all. They decided to release the source code of their for pay browser and people took it and went wild. From that experiment came Firefox and now Microsoft once again had some serious competition that they had to worry about. It was no longer enough that they could sit on their laurels. They had to start innovating again.


Security problems

But it turns out that Microsoft and Firefox were not the only ones being innovative on the browser scene. The black hat hackers were as well and they found that the browser made by Microsoft was a very tempting and easy target. They were able to create exploits that would not only harm the browser but were also able to go deep inside of the rest of the system. They were able to do that because back then Internet Explorer was tightly integrated into the computer’s operating system. That was Microsoft’s main defense when they were sued by the justice department. They argued that the browser was so integral to the system that it had to be set up like it was. Hackers used this deep integration to their advantage and they created some really nasty viruses to infect the system.

Now when people saw the Microsoft browser going down hard against hackers and you see that the Firefox browser barely had any vulnerability which one would they choose? Because they could see the writing on the wall, more and more tech people started to choose FireFox. They really like the UI of the device and they also liked that it had plug in architecture. This means that an outside developer can integrate an extra feature right into the software. A lot of the most popular plug ins were features that added extra security to the browser. This made it even safer than the Internet Explorer browser. And since all of the tech people were using this crazy new browser that they promoted as safe the non tech regular people started to use it as well. Pretty soon after a couple of years later, the numbers started to even up more and more against Internet Explorer.

Microsoft saw that they were starting to lose the browser battle and started to create updates to their ever popular Internet Explorer. And the biggest updates they made were when it came to security. Since their browser was taking a hit when it came to how secure it was they were determined to turn that image around. But it was not only their browser but also the rest of the operating system as well. They created a lot of new features that made their operating system jump from one of the least safe in the market to tied with the other operating systems when it comes to safety. This is according to a lot of the top security experts in the field.

The Internet Explorer browser has better privacy modes and it is able to detect and stop phishing attacks better than it was able to before. There are a lot of attacks now that it can pick up that it couldn’t before. While I would not declare it to be the safest browser that is on the market right now, I can say that it is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. This is especially true with the newest version of Internet Explorer coming into the market.

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