Why I Think Google’s New Social Media Service Should Buzz Off!

Google is an innovative company that is always coming up with new features and services that they bring to the public.

Some of the products are a hit, such as gmail and Google maps, while others people need time to see what they are good for, such as Google Wave.

A couple of days ago, they released a new product that they hope to revolutionize the way that people use social networks and email.

This product that they created was called Buzz.

google buzz privacy concerns

This has caused a ┬ábig “Buzz” in the tech community, of course pun intended.

But as the numbers increase with more people starting to use the service, the more that people are seeing the flaws in how it has been implemented.

Buzz Flawed?

Google must address this problem directly.

I will discuss the Buzz feature itself and how the flaws can affect the privacy of your email conversations.

The Buzz feature was introduced by Google to act as both an aggregator of all of your social media experiences, as well as a way to create a new social experience with people on your email list.

It has you automatically follow people that you have conversations with the most through email and allows them to see not only your feed from buzz through their account, but also your feed on other services as well.

This means that someone that is logged into their account will be able to see tweets you have made from twitter, without them even being a member of Twitter.

This also works with flickr and a few other services as well.

So far people have had positive reviews about the service as it is being rolled out to everyone with a gmail account.

But there has been one problem that has been on peoples minds that Google should address.

Not Using Buzz Seems To Be The Easiest Way Of Opting Out

They do not give you an opt in option on having the people that you follow being public knowledge.

Since everyone knows that you are automatically following whoever you talk to most on your email account, this is a big privacy invasion.

Who you have email conversations with, especially a lot of them, should be a private matter that Google should not be exposing unless you give them permission to.

This is a big problem that should be addressed immediately.

All they would have to do to fix it would be to have people opt in to who they follow, or at the very least opt in to make that information public.

Right now it is an opt out feature and that is not good enough.

Google has to get on the ball in solving this problem.

This can lead to someone having problems in both their personal and private lives and make more people concerned about how much information Google has about your private life.

I for one won’t be using Buzz but what do you think of it?

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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