Why Hackers Use Everyday Life Attacks And Big Events To Get You

This article can really be split into two distinct parts : The first part would be about tools and events that black hat hacker’s use in their everyday life to make sure that they are able to attack someone. The other part of the article would be about real world events that happen that hackers can use as well. As a matter of fact, that is how I will split the article up.

The first part will be about the events that happen in an everyday life that a black hat hacker can use and the second part will be about big events that can help a black hat hacker hide their attack.


The Everyday Life Attacks

We all have a routine. Some of our routines may be less rigorous than another person’s but it still remains a fact that we all have a routine. Just the basic fact that we all go to sleep and wake up every day just goes to show that no matter how basic, we all have a routine. The parts of our daily routine that can be studied by other people can have an effect of leaving us open to an attack.

In the computer world a black hat hacker that knows your routine can be a dangerous thing. This is especially true since they are in a remote location and they might have the technical skills to make their attack automated. I will give a few examples of what I call everyday life attacks that can harm you no matter who you are.

Most people check their email at the very least once a day. A black hat hacker will assume this about you and they will try to attack you through this vector point. They will send you something that you think is personal and they will snare you into their trap. From this point they can run a wide range of attacks on you.

Another thing that you may do every day is to log into your Facebook account. Again, this is something that most people do at least once a day. Just as they did your email account, they can exploit your Facebook account as well.

By now you can probably see the trend. All a person has to do is to find out the name of your Facebook account or your email address and they can run an attack based on the odds of your everyday routine. If a black hat hacker knew that you only checked a certain email account once a month then they would likely not bother with the attack. They are going to try and play the odds and guess that you are like most people and check their email account at least once a day.

It does not take much information for a black hat hacker to run an everyday life type of attack on you. One simple piece of information and they can start to work on you right away.

Being Attacked With The Use Of Big Events

While most of the time when we are attacked it will be through the use of the techniques above, there are other times when a black hat hacker will use some sort of news event to be able to get us. Some of the events might be a surprise such as a plane crash. Other events will be scheduled way in advance such as the presidential state of the union address. Whatever the event is, it must be something that people are going to talk about. It must be something that is going to generate a lot of attention.

It has to generate a lot of attention because when you are looking to start an attack like that, you are looking to go after as many people as you can. This means that the attack will be less in specifics and more like a general sales pitch. This way, you will be able to trap more flies on the spider web.

When people see a big event happen the first thing that they do is to go on the Internet to find out more about it. If a web page created by a black hat hacker is the first thing that they see then they are more likely to fall into the trap.

If you are a person that routinely surfs the Internet then make sure that you are aware of the things that I spoke about in this article. You have to make sure that you are careful on what you click on for these very reasons. While you might not think that you are beneath a hacker’s notice the truth is you are not. They need a steady supply of victims to feed their illegal operations.

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