Why Hackers Love The GPU

There are several parts of the computer that can be used for what they were not meant to be used for. And that is what hackers do. They find an item and try to stretch it beyond what it is designed to do. If they can do it, then they have a new trick in the bag. And if it breaks then they have just learned a lesson of another type. So when you look at the evolution of the GPU these days and realize how it is being used, you start to realize that the hacking spirit is truly alive.

Why Hackers Love The GPU

A history of the GPU

When you talk about a GPU with someone who is not a computer geek they might think that you are mispronouncing CPU instead. But the case is that the GPU is a totally separate device. The GPU was brought about because the new modern day video games were taxing CPU’s beyond their stated capabilities. It got to the point that if you had a game running then you could not do anything else on your computer. Computer makers did not want to stop the progress of video games so they came up with the technology called GPU. It allowed video cards to have their own dedicated processor that was strictly for the card itself.

The reason why the GPU was so special was not only because of the fact that it was a separate CPU but also the fact that it was specialized to run and calculate numbers faster than a normal CPU. When you see the 3D graphics of a video game you have to realize that there are a lot of calculations being done on the fly. A GPU specializes in that kind of action.

And that is the reason why hackers love the technology so much. There are a lot of programs that depend on mathematics and a GPU is the perfect device to be able to run them faster. So instead of the program being directed to the CPU it is instead directed to the GPU.

A GPU has proven to be very useful outside of the parameters that it was originally given. We will see more and more programs that are not hacks being created with only the GPU in mind.

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