Why Games Are The Perfect Trojan For Getting Malware Onto Your System

If you are smart then when you see a problem you will try to look at it from all different sorts of angles. While some simple problems only take one point of view to be solved, when you are dealing with problems that are more complicated, you have to really sit back and look at it from different sides and see if you can come up with a solution. If you continue to try and look at it from one point of view you will become upset and it will either take you twice as long to figure the problem out or you will never be able to figure out the problem at all.


So when you are dealing with computer security, it helps to look at the problem from the opposing viewpoint as well. And of course when you are talking about the opposing viewpoint when it comes to computer security, you are talking about the black hat hacker. There is a whole industry that is based on trying to do this. Those are the people who are known as white hat hackers. They try to think of everything that the bad guys are thinking of so that they can try to plug in the hole before it is compromised.

Well there are some topics when it comes to computer security that you do not have to be a black hat hacker or a white hat hacker to be able to figure out. You just have to be observant and use a little bit of common sense. Once you do that, it will be like you are looking at the Matrix and you will be able to solve puzzles that you thought did not make sense before. For example, one puzzle that people try to figure out all of the time is why there is so much malware when it comes to Flash and pirated games out there? Why do black hat hackers love to use these two targets so much?

Well the answer is not simple but it does make sense. What black hat hackers are of course mainly looking for, is a way to be able to get their digital goods on someone else’s computer. So the way that you do that is to try to piggyback on an item that is a popular download on the internet. While there are several items that are popular downloads, you also have to remember that the black hat hacker has to be able to hide the item as well. It is hard to do that when you have an item that is as small as an image file. Or even as small as an MP3 file. No, you need something that is much bigger like a game. Games can be as small as 10MB or be as big as 10GB. When you have an item with this many files in it, it is easy to try and sneak something in there as well.

Another reason why games are such a popular target when it comes to malware is that people are so eager to download them. When people are eager to download an item they tend not to pay attention to the security warnings that pop up. They just want to be able to play the game and they do not care about anything else. But in a few weeks they will care when they find out that there has been a Trojan on their computer tracking their every movement online. And the sad part is that they will wonder how it got there.

Yes, black hat hackers love pirated games and even flash games to distribute their wares. And it is because the end user makes it so easy.

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