Why Fake Windows Update Sites For Windows 7 Present A Danger

There are, unfortunately, a lot of people who use pirated software these days and that includes versions of the Windows operating system.

In fact, I would imagine that it is one of the most pirated systems in the world.

In China, Microsoft had to pretty much offer a seriously reduced price for Windows since almost everybody over there had a pirated copy of the system.

As a business, when you have a system that is pirated so much, you tend to do things that will encourage people to purchase a legitimate copy of the software.

One of the things that Microsoft does to promote that mindset is to not allow anyone to update the Windows 7 software without having a legitimate copy.

If they do not have a legal copy then they cannot get the updates for their computer.

No Security Updates

Unfortunately, perhaps, this includes security updates as well.

Not having the security updates installed on your computer will leave you open to infections down the line.

So people found out that they could get around this restriction by using third party web sites that would deliver all of the Windows updates for them.

To get all of the updates that Microsoft were releasing, all they had to do was to go to these sites and download a program that had all of the updates already in the program.

They would then install the updates.

Afterwards their computer would be up to date just like everyone else’s.

Just by the details that I have told you, you can probably figure out that this is a very dangerous thing to do.

This way of updating your computer has so many weak points, as far as security goes, that it creates a long list all on its own.

The first thing on the list is that you do not know what kind of software is being loaded onto your computer.

Sure, there may be some of these third party sites that have been vetted but you never know when they can turn rogue.

They can just name a program as part of the software update but in reality it is some vicious tool that they have created to release malware.

There are so many pieces to a normal update, that it can be hard to confirm if each piece of software is legitimate or not.

Another big hole that getting your security updates like this opens is the fact that a third party server knows your IP address.

They also know that you do not have the latest protection on your computer.

Both of these two pieces of information put together can lead to a dangerous mess.

They can fake you out as if they have installed all of the software on your computer but instead leave a huge hole that they can enter later.

This can happen all because you gave them so many details about your computer.

The Moral Of This Story?

This is a good reason why you should use legitimate copies of software, especially operating systems such as Windows 7.

Leaving your computer at the mercy of some third party web site that you cannot fully trust can lead to some bad things happening later on down the line.

Do not give them a chance to do that to you.

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