Why Does New Technology Make It Harder To Spot A Hacker?

the tools used by hackers are changing

There are certain tools that you think of when it comes to hackers.

The basic tools that you would most likely think of when it comes to an attacker getting into your network would be a laptop or desktop computer.

the tools used by hackers are changing

the tools used by hackers are changing

Backpacks, MP3 Players And Cell Phones

They may also have a backpack to store their gear in.

A backpack has a duel purpose of holding their gear and also freeing them up in the real world so that they are able to do a little dumpster diving.

Dumpster diving is when a hacker will dive into a trashcan to be able to get physical data about a target and it is also a favourite pastime of identity thieves too.

The one thing that you probably don’t think of as an attack vector is the MP3 player that is hanging off of the pants of the hacker.

Or you might not think that the cell phone that the hacker is talking on at the moment is actually gathering data off of your corporate network.

Now that most portable devices are in but name alone, mini computers, they are able to be subverted to do criminal activities.

Even a simple USB thumb drive can cause severe security woes.

Defcon Demo

To get a real life example, let’s look at a Defcon demonstration from a year or so back.

A professor that goes by the name of Thomas Wilhelm demonstrated that he could turn a simple IPod touch into a device that could hack a network.

He loaded onto the IPod Metasploit, a password cracking application, and a web app hacking application.

Metasploit is a tool that is used by both hackers and security professionals.

It has a framework of different attacks that a person can use against a target.

Once he loaded the applications onto the IPod, he was able to demonstrate an attack that he could perform with the MP3 player.

Of course an IPod is not the only device that would allow an attack like this to happen.

With the smartphone becoming such a big part of everyday life, we have come to accept them as being everywhere.

A hacker would be able to use his smart phone to attack a network and no-one would be the wiser.

While most security experts would be looking for the guy with the laptop, in all actuality it could be the girl that seems like she is texting on her cell phone.

Any piece of electronics with a CPU in it has to be looked at as a suspect in such cases.

People that are in charge of cyber security for corporations, government buildings, and banks are going to have to alert the employees of such possibilities.

Once an employee knows what to look for, they can, at the very least, help keep an eye out on that person.

With such a wide array of devices that can be used as threats the only way that you can hope to put a dent in the problem is to get more eyes on the situation.

Remember, as the years go by, there will be more and more smaller devices that can be used to attack a network.

Security personnel will have to watch out more than normal.

Do not think that only the nerd with the laptop can be the person that is causing you security concerns.

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