Why Does My Antivirus Program Update So Often?

If you do not know any better, then you can become real annoyed by your antivirus program.

If it is set at the wrong time, then you will see it taking up system resources so that it can run an update process.

Automatic Updating

Some antivirus software is set up to ask you every time it needs to run an update.

This is because some people hate the ideal of a program doing something without permission.

So some companies that make antivirus software respect that decision.

Unfortunately, updating your antivirus is the one thing that you should not need to ask permission to do.

They should let you know when they have done it, but you should always have your computer set up to download automatically.

Without the latest version of the software running on your computer, you will be at the mercy of the latest infections.

Your antivirus program updates on a regular basis because the hackers update their attacks on a regular basis.

There are only a handful of antivirus companies and they are working against an army of hackers from around the world.

Every country with modern day facilities has hackers that are trying to find victims on the Internet.

There are even countries now that have state sponsored hackers.

If you heard about the incident with Google and 30 other companies, then you understand the dire straits we are talking about.

Your system must be defended at all times and there is only one way to do that.

Since there are so many hackers out in the wild, it leads to a lot of discoveries.

New malware and viruses are being discovered all of the time by the antivirus companies.

Daily Updates Are In Fact Necessary

So to be sure that you are protected, they must run an update almost everyday.

Without a doubt, if you do not allow them to update, your computer will be at risk.

If you make the sad mistake that you know everything about your computer and you know how to avoid viruses all of the time, then you will probably be the first victim.

There are so many different ways to attack the modern day operating system that there is no way that you know them all.

Even the professionals do not.

So you have to put your faith in the hands of the professionals and let them do what they do best.

Keep track of the latest exploits and deliver to you a solution.

So even though you may be annoyed by how many times your antivirus program updates you must let it do so, even if it is multiple times throughout the day.

If you do not, you could find your computer compromised.

And the worse part is, you may not even know it.

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. i have kapersky6.0 antivirus as part of my broadband package but if i dont put my computer on everyday it keeps going out of date it really annoys me .why does that happen?i never had that problem when i had norton before. could i get a helpful answer as i have phoned kapersky and it is automated no one to answer my question.

    • Hi Margaret,
      It happens because the program needs to connect to the internet on a regular basis in order to receive updates. This is actually a good thing as it means you are receiving the latest virus definitions and updates which protect your computer from the newest threats. I know it may be annoying but it is wise to let your antivirus program update whenever it needs to.

  2. not only keeping it updated but keep it turned on all the time.
    i have seen computers with AV disabled for one reason or another, usually its because games were being played online.

    • Thats a good point Dave – I remember my kids often turned off their antivirus when playing online games as they thought it gave them a ‘speed boost’.

      That lasted until I explained how long it could take to remove a tonne of malware from their system and so they now leave it running all the time!


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