Why Do You Need To Ensure That A Recently Fired Employee No Longer Exists On Your Network?

The workplace is where the new battle for computer security is taking place. More and more we are starting to see computers being used in the different workplaces around the world. It is understandable since they make our jobs more efficient and help us get more done in less time. But while we are starting to see computers infiltrate our places of employment more and more each day what we are not seeing is the education in the work place that is needed to keep the computers safe.

When you get a driver’s license you are taught the rules of the road before they allow you to drive. Now I am not saying that we should be forced to get a license to use a computer but when you start to introduce them into the work place there should be a little education that comes along with it. There are too many things that can go wrong that can cost your business, your employees, and worst yet your customer’s money and time.


Often when you watch the news or read a newspaper you will see reports about computer crimes that happen at the work place. They will report about certain stores who have had credit card numbers stolen by some mysterious hackers. They will make it seem like the hackers were able to work some kind of voodoo magic that allowed them to make the numbers disappear into thin air. What is often not reported is that most of the work place computer intrusions are done by people who either presently or used to work there. There is a big problem at companies with people who either work there now or used to work there becoming disgruntled and causing havoc on the computer systems. In this article I will talk more about that and how to prevent it.

Why do they do it?

There are several reasons why either a former or current employee with turn against their job and try to hurt it through their computer system. By the way this is not a new thing. There have always been cases of employees trying to get back at their place of work by doing something crazy. The only difference now is that the revenge crimes are happening on the computer and through the company’s network.

One reason why they might do it is because they might feel slighted at the job. When you feel as if you are working hard for someone and you are not appreciated you start to hold a grudge against that individual or corporation. It might start off small and the longer that you are there the worse that grudge gets. It finally grows to the point that the person cannot take it anymore. So they come up with some elaborate scheme and either try to steal from the company so they can get what they feel is due to them or they try to do some sort of sabotage to the computer system.

Another reason why a former employee might attack the network is for money, plain and simple. People can sometimes be greedy and if an employee can figure out some way to game the computer system at the job to steal money they might try it. They might think that it is a small amount and the company will never miss it but that is not the point. It is theft plain and simple.

How can you stop it?

There are two ways that you can stop insider computer crimes from happening at your work place. The first way is what I talked about earlier in the article and that is to educate everybody in what to look for. Unless there is a big conspiracy brewing by the employees, then if they know what to look for, someone is going to notice a fellow employee doing something wrong on the computer system.

Another way to stop something like this from happening is make sure you do not make the entire computer network at the job accessible to everyone. There is probably no need for the secretary at the office to be able to get into where the companies secrets are held in the network. Make sure that all parts of the network have the proper authentication procedures in place. And if a person is fired or quits then you should make sure that their authentication abilities are erased out of the system right away. There have been numerous crimes committed by employees who still had access to a network from their old job.

Computer crime committed by people who either do or used to work at a job is at an all time high. Make sure that your company does not fall victim to this type of attack by having the right computer security procedures in place.

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