Why Do Spammers Love The .info Domain?

When you are a spammer there are certain aspects of the internet that make it easier to do what you need to do and there are certain aspects that make it harder. One of the factors that can stand in your way is price. When you are a spammer you go through thousands of different URLS a year because they keep getting shut down or black listed. This is why a lot of spammers use the .info domain. It is very cheap and easy to purchase.

Why Do Spammers Love The .info Domain?

What do I mean by spammer?

Even though you may have heard the words a lot, you might not know exactly what I mean when I say spammer. You might assume that it only has to do with Email and not other aspects of the internet. That is not the case. In the beginning a spammer might have meant someone who repeatedly sends a lot of unsolicited emails but now the definition has changed. A spammer is now someone who spams not only email but also the web in general. They spam places like Google and other search engines. They also spam popular web destinations such as Facebook, Myspace and other social networks. So, as you can see, the word Spammer has expanded to fit a lot of different people under its umbrella.

Using cheap domain names

As I explained earlier in the article, when someone does a dirty job like a spammer, they will have a lot of people that are going to try and shut them down. So the only way that they are able to combat that is by going through a lot of different web properties. If someone spams email then they are going to need a lot of different email addresses. If they spam social networks then they are going to need a lot of different accounts on each network. And the same as if they are going to spam the web in general. They are going to need a lot of different domain names. A cheap domain name like .info will help them be able to keep purchasing without putting a dent in their wallet.

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