Why Do Popular Web Sites Trust Advertisers With Your Data?

When you own a web site then there are a few avenues that you can use to actually make money. You can create a web service and charge people a fee to use it. This seems to be a pretty popular way to make money on the web lately and we are sure to see more of it. Another way to make money with your web site is to create a subscription model. This way you give out information and people come back each month to pay for more of it. But by far the most popular way to make money on the internet is through the use of the advertising model. You post your content for free and then place ads on your web site which will pay you in a variety of different ways. This is still the most consistent way to make money on the web and is probably going to be around for a long time.


But there are some aspects about the advertising model that a lot of people do not trust. One of these aspects is the fact that these ads deliver so much of your personal information to the ad networks. And a lot of times when they give away your information, you do not even know about it. This of course can make some people very leery about clicking on ads.

The reasons these companies give for gathering this information is that it helps them deliver ads that you would likely be more interested in. They say that this gives both the advertiser and the user who is seeing the ad an overall better experience. And while that may be true, it can still be creepy when you think about how much information they can gather about you through your web surfing.

So if you have a web site that delivers ads to your end users be sure that you are aware of how much information that ad network is gathering. If it is too much then not only will your users blame the ad company, they will blame you as well.

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