Why Do I Need To Ensure That I Have The Automatic Scan Setting On In My New Antivirus Installation?

Have you recently bought one of the many 2012 antivirus or internet security programs that are available? Or are you perhaps looking at getting one of the better 2013 antivirus solutions? If so, then make sure you set it up properly…


Setting up your new antivirus program

The settings on your antivirus program are very important. They help to make sure that your computer is protected no matter if you are paying attention or not. Some of the settings that you may have activated in your antivirus program include which types of files you want to scan. This means that there will be some files that you exclude and some extra files that you include.

Also you may have set up whether the program will scan the email that you receive. But the main setting that you must check and be sure to have it on is the automatic scanning setting. I will now go over what the automatic setting is and why it is important for you to have it on.

What is automatic scanning?

The concept is pretty simple. Automatic scanning is when you have your antivirus set up to scan the computer at a certain time each day or night. This way, it can check to see if you let any bugs on the system during the day. It doesn’t have to be set up to scan every day; you can set it up to scan the computer every three or four days – whatever you feel like setting it to is up to you. The important part is that you have it set up ready to scan when you are not using the computer at regular intervals.

Why is it so important?

The reason why you want to be able to have the software scan the files on your system is because you want to make sure that all of the files are cleaned at all times. While the antivirus program will scan files that are new to the computer there are some that are able to get by. With the software set to automatically scan the system, you will get an update of all the latest virus definitions and it will go through to make sure everything is clear. This is a good way to know that your system is in top shape.

Automatic updates

The only other setting that is probably more important to have set up to do automatically is the update setting. If your computer’s antivirus is not set to update the virus definitions automatically then your system will definitely be in trouble. But this setting is a close second. Make sure that you have it set up.

There are a lot of settings on the antivirus software that you installed that you should check. You should make sure that you are very familiar with the software, at the very least, as much as you can be. This is your last line of defense against bugs that are on the internet. So to make sure that you are prepared for the fight, check to see if the automated scan setting is on. If you do, you will save yourself a lot of headaches when dealing with your system.

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