Why Do Certain Countries Ban Encryption Software?

The internet is usually about openness but there are some parts of the system that you want to be less open than others. And sometimes that includes your very own system. Yeah, you might have a Facebook account and also post your daily business on Twitter but that does not mean that you want all parts of your life out for public consumption. Some of the more personal aspects of your life you want to be able to keep quiet and luckily there is software out there that will help you do this.

One of the most popular software types on the market that helps keep your secrets is called encryption software. For most variants of this type of software, all you have to do is make a folder in your computer system and use the software to encrypt that folder. Once it is encrypted it cannot be opened by anyone who does not know the password. And usually the encryption is very strong which makes it very difficult for anyone else to get the data.

Why Do Certain Countries Ban Encryption Software?

The ban of encryption software

While to most people this type of tool seems reasonable, to some governments it is far from OK. And we are not just talking about third world governments either. There are certain first world governments that ban you from using any type of encryption software on your computer. Some of the countries that ban this type of software include Germany, Pakistan, Iran and many others. They do not want their citizens to hold the power that would be able to keep the government completely out of their personal life.

But while even though there is a ban on software such as this in many countries, it still seems to get there. There are a lot of people in these nations who value their privacy and they are willing to go to jail to continue it.

Keeping your lawful secrets is a very special right and it is needed in a lot of cases when it comes to these countries. The banning of software such as this shows nothing but paranoia on the part of the government.

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