Why Captcha Will Only Keep Your Forum Free From Spam And Malware For So Long

Some people love being part of an online community and some people love to run them.

They can be a great experience when you want to meet someone and talk about similar likes and dislikes in a public manner.

And even better, you can have a forum that is filled with people with similar likes but sub divided it even more for people who are into the finer nuances of that very same topic.

For instance if you have a hip hop forum, you could break it down even more, to people who like southern, west coast, and northern hip hop.

But there is a dark side of having a forum as well.

As soon as it gets popular, it will become the target for all kinds of negative attention.

Large Gatherings Attract Spammers

Spammers and other malicious individuals will start to seek it out, so they can misguide your users.

They want them to click on links that will make the spammer money.

So most people who run an online forum will just turn on the captcha for new people to register and believe that they have solved all of their problems.

This is not the case and we will go over why.

The first reason why this may not help, is that all captcha software is not made to be the same strength.

Some are definitely better than others.

Most captchas that are out there right now have been cracked by a hacker already.

A lot of these exploits are already public.

There are very few that have not been solved already.

So when you place a captcha on your register sign up page and you feel safe, you are only fooling yourself.

Yes, it is good measure to slow the bad guys down but it is not enough.

There will still be people that get through and they will try to spam your forum with as much garbage as they can.

Why Captcha Has Lost It’s Effectiveness On Forums

The second reason why spammers are going to get past your captcha on the forum, is that they now pay real people to do the posting and advertising for them.

Since the rates to get people to post on forums is very low, they are now a viable option to do this kind of work.

They will create new accounts just for the purposes of putting their employers link in the signature of the account.

They will then make a few postings and threads, and will never be heard from again.

They are from small third world countries and the rate that they make posting is enough to sustain them in their country.

To be able to fight these kinds of tactics, you will have to have a moderator to run your forum.

There are no easy, automatic ways to be able to beat these problems.

Moderators are the only way.

It can be someone from your community that you trust, or it can be someone that you pay.

Somehow, you have to be able to stop these people from spamming your site.

If you do not, then people will surely start to leave.

Captchas are only the first line of defense in stopping spammers on your forums.

If you think that it is enough, you will be soon proven wrong.

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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