Why Can Using Old Technology Put Your Company At Risk?

In this day and age technology is forever changing.

That brand new DVD player that you bought way back in 2008 has been made obsolete by the new Blu-Ray players that are on the market right now.

The new laptop that you bought six months ago has been replaced with something that is lighter and with more power.

This is an old story that is heard over and over again.

We all know that when we purchase new technology that we run the risk of it being outdated in just a few years.

But if you are an owner of a company then not updating your technology can cause a ton of headaches for you later on down the line.

The main headache that not updating your technology can cause is security problems.

The older a technology is, the more time black hat hackers have to find holes in it.

Usually these holes, when discovered, are patched by the software creator but what happens when the software creator is not supporting that version of the software anymore?

What will you do then?

Now you do not have anyone filling in the spots of where a hacker might be able to get to.

In the following article I will talk about the many ways that running outdated software can put you and your company at risk.

its generally a good idea not to run outdated software

its generally a good idea not to run outdated software

The Reason Why Companies Run Old Software

Even though it may not seem like it to an outsider, there is a reason why a company will sometimes run old software during their business day.

For some companies, the thought of changing what works is a scary one.

When you have a business and everything is running fine, then you do not want to rock the boat.

There have been many companies out there that have tried to make something better than what was already working and they instead were burnt by it; they ended up going out of business instead of improving their business.

That is the one thing that a business owner is afraid of.

The fact that they may go out of business because of a mistake that they made is something that keeps them up at night.

This is why you will sometimes see 20-year old software being run in some of the companies that you might run across.

How Running Old Software Can Come Back To Haunt You

While the fear may be logical in the businessman’s eyes, this line of thinking can really come back to haunt them down the line.

When you are using a piece of software, especially a really big piece of software, then there are millions of lines of code that is involved in them.

When you have a code base that is this big then there are bound to be bugs in it.

When the software is being supported by the company who made it, you can count on them to be able to find the bugs and give you an update that will secure your system.

As a business owner that is important.

You may have credit card information and other sensitive pieces of data on file that may affect you and your customers if it was ever able to get out.

When a company is supporting the software that they created then something like that is less likely to happen.

But what happens when they stop supporting the software?

Just because they have stopped supporting it does not mean that the hackers have given up on it.

This is especially true if the hacker knows that a lot of businesses are running the older version of the software.

You still have hackers that will hack on a Commodore 64 just for fun; they will have no problem going after the older version of the software that is running on your machine.

And with no-one to protect you and your company from them, you will find that if they ever decided to target your company then you would be at a real disadvantage.

You will not be able to defend the software from the attack and they may use that opening to be able to get to the rest of the system.

Hopefully that is unacceptable to you as a business owner.

I know that it can be hard as a business owner to change what works but for the sake of the security of you and your customers, you must start to take a look at a newer version of the software once the company stops supporting the older one.

If you do not then you will find yourself and the company that you run in trouble.

Customers may be upset at you when the update of the software causes some disruptions temporarily but they will be even more upset if their data is put in danger by your company.

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