Why Are There So Many Issues With WordPress Plugin Security?

When you are talking about WordPress you are talking about one of the most popular technologies on the internet. If you were to take the time and notice the source code of the web site that you are on at the time, there is a good chance that it is running on the WordPress engine. WordPress is used all around the web and it is only getting stronger.

The reason why WordPress is used so much is because it is so easy to install and customize. As a matter of fact, the most popular feature on WordPress is the 5 minute install button. Load WordPress onto your server, hit a couple of buttons, and then you have a web site that is ready to go. Another popular feature of WordPress is the fact that it is so easy to customize. With the Themes and the Plugins, you can turn any WordPress installation into something that is completely different. That is why WordPress installations look totally different from each other.

Why Are There So Many Issues With WordPress Plugin Security?

But it is because of this ability to easily customize WordPress that there are sometimes security problems with the software. There have been several known holes in both the Themes and the Plugins that have had to be addressed. And even sometimes the core of WordPress has been found to have had some holes in it as well. But that is the case of any software that you use. There is no software that is on the market right now that is one hundred percent safe.

Some people blame the programming language that the WordPress software uses for there being so many holes in the software. The WordPress project uses PHP as the core language. But it doesn’t matter how much a language is considered unsafe, it is more of a problem with the programmers themselves. The real reason why so many plugins and themes are unsafe is not because of the language used but because of the programmers. Developing a theme or plugin is not hard so a lot of amateurs make them but they are not taught how to securely use a programming language on the web. This combination leads to a lot of security holes being found.

To stop holes in plugins and themes on WordPress the creators have to be better trained when it comes to security.

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