Why Are Macs, IPhones And Other Apple Products Now Seeing A Rush Of New Security Products?

For years, the prevailing wisdom when it came to Apple and its family of products is that they were more secured than Microsoft Windows products and in all honesty, that was probably true.

Apple did have a more secure line of software and this was the case for a long time but these days, Apple products are starting to see more of the spotlight and because of that, some of their security weaknesses are being exposed.

will Apple suffer as many security risks as Microsoft in the future?

will Apple suffer as many security risks as Microsoft in the future?

At the same time that Microsoft is releasing a more secured Windows operating system, Apple is releasing products that have security holes in them.

To be fair, both companies’ computer operating systems are probably equal right now when it comes to security but the same cannot be said about all of Apple’s products.

Apples Mobile Products Have Security Holes

The problem with security in Apple’s products doesn’t come from their main operating system product, Mac OS X, it comes from their second most popular operating system, IOS.

This is the operating system that runs both the IPhone and the IPad.

There have been numerous holes found in the both of these products.

Just recently there was a hole found that created a privacy leak that exposed its customer’s personal information.

One of the main ways that you know the operating system can be exposed is the ease of how some people are able to jail break the phone whenever they want to.

The jailbreak procedure involves hacking into the kernel of the operating system and changing some important parts of it.

Of course, by the time that the new patch gets to the person who wants to jailbreak their phone, all they have to do is to hit a button and everything is changed.

They do not see what is happening on the inside exactly.

The IPhone IOS is missing a lot of crucial security elements such as ASLR, Address Space Layout Randomization, and DEP, Data Execution Prevention.

Even though these are two important security elements, what they do is beyond the scope of this article right now.

Even though their main operating system, Mac OS X, does have these elements, there have been holes found in it as well.

Sometimes the holes are found in the actual operating system and other times the holes are found in the software that is installed on the operating system.

Apple Security Products

It is because of these reasons that people must be aware that even though they are using a product from Apple that they must still be aware of the security risks.

Some of the risk includes attacks that are not protected no matter which operating system that you use.

These types of attack include exploits such as phishing attacks.

This is why you are now starting to see products that protect your Apple computer and IPhone such as antivirus and phishing attack protection.

They would not be created if they were not needed.

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  1. Jailbreaking a phone must not be to hard since so many are now, an the instructions can be found in a lot of places now.

    This is one of those – ask a kid – things,,lol.

    • Luckily, I know more than my kids about tech for now, though I don’t think I’ll be the ‘expert’ in my house for much longer – my 8 year old is learning some things I picked up in my Computer Science A’Level already!

      • I sometimes wonder how wise it is to start kids with computers so early, grammer schools use them a lot an have for years.
        Then there are the game makers who put out beta games for a select group (mostly kids) an want them to hack them before the final release.
        Yep i am way behind my son now, i asked him about jailbreaking his new phone, he laughed an i got the message.

        • I think there are two sides to teaching kids computing early in life – theres the fact that it is almost essential as they will need a reasonable knowledge to get anywhere in life nowadays and then there is the fact that some will use said skills for nefarious purposes.

          On the whole, I don’t think its a bad situation though.


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