Why Are Black Hat Hackers Now Targeting The European Carbon Credit Market?

If there is an exploit to be found on the internet, a hacker will find it.

It is just in the nature of some people to find the holes that are left in society.

The holes can be found in the way we communicate with each other, the way we see each other, and the things that we build.

That is why hackers love it when a new set of thing gets introduced into the world.

This offers a new opportunity to be able to break into something and see how it works.

You have to remember that the motivation for each hacker is different – some do it out of curiosity while others do it so that they can be financially compensated.

They might even think that what they are doing is noble and that they trying to make a political point.

In this article I might be talking about the last two on the list.


This is an article about hackers’ attempt to disrupt the European Carbon Credit Market and what their motivations might be.

So before I start I will explain to you what the European Carbon Credit Market is and then I will go into why they might want to disrupt it.

So What Is The European Carbon Credit Market?

You may have heard a term on the news for the past two to three years that you were not familiar with.

The term was Carbon Credits and once you did hear it you probably never paid attention to it again.

This is what most people do when they hear those two words.

It just does not sound like something that is very exciting.

But if you take a look at them, they actually are a very interesting topic.

Since everyone is worried about global warming and other environmental dangers, we as a world are trying to do something about it.

While we pump out a lot of pollution due to the factories and our own consumption, we still need these things to keep up the society that we live in now so we try our best to cut down on the pollution that we produce.

It is hard for a lot of these companies to cut down on the pollution that they create so they will buy a carbon credit from someone else.

This third party will promise to cut down on the pollution that they create in exchange for the factory paying them to do so.

Now the original factory does not have to cut down on its carbon production because someone else is taking up the slack.

And that is how carbon credits work.

The idea of carbon credits are becoming so popular that we now have a market just like the stock market that trades in them.

The European version of this market is what has been hit by hackers.

What Were The Motivations Of The Hackers Attacking The Carbon Credit Market?

The problem is that no-one knows for sure.

There are several reasons that are being thrown around.

What they do know is that there have been several breaches of security on the machines that are running the markets.

Also, hackers have gone after some of the personal accounts of people who both work and trade in this market place.

The problem with attacks like these is that the European Carbon market is still very small.

All it takes is the tiniest swing to make a difference in how people are trading on it.

If the hackers got a hold of the right person’s account then they could change trading for the day.

Some of the reasons being talked about for the reasons behind the attacks come down to politics and money.

Some people say that it is the group “Anonymous” attacking targets such as this for retaliation against the treatment of WikiLeaks.

Some other people think that the hackers behind the attacks are attacking because of a perceived gripe with one of the participating countries.

This means that their motives are more nationalistic than anything.

Also, we cannot forget that a probable reason, and one that seems the most likely, is financial.

A black hat hacker that knows who to attack can take a chance and make a lot of money in a market such as this.

This is also the reason why black hat hackers go after penny stocks as well.

Stocks like this are easy to control because the trading volume is so small.

With the right trade on a rogue account, a black hat hacker could stand to make a lot of money.

And all things being equal, money is probably the biggest motivator of all.

When you see new markets such as this, you must remember that there is a chance that it will get a cyber attack as well.

Do not think that just because it is small that it will be safe.

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