Why Android Has More Malware That The iPhone At This Time

When the IPhone first came out people were amazed by the experience that it brought. No one thought the phone communications could be that advanced. The furthest we had gone before that was the blackberry and advanced Nokia phones. But we took a step into evolution of the phone market with the IPhone. And with the latest Android phones on the market we have taken even further steps when it comes to the evolution of the mobile phone market.


Android phones are looking really good these past few years. When the initial versions of Android based phones came out they were not that impressive. The design of the hardware was mediocre and the operating system was not as advanced as IOS was at the time. But that has all changed and the Android based phones have become a real force on the market. Now you are starting to see Android phones everywhere and people are no longer just getting them as a replacement IPhone. Now they are getting the phones on their own merit. When you take a look at the high end Android phones and the IPhone you will see that a lot of the Android based phones are better than the IPhone. And they are only getting better. Both the hardware of the available Android based phones and the software has gotten a lot better and they only have seen improvements recently. But there is one problem that the Android has that the IPhone does not have and that is the amount of malware that is on the phone.

Yes, there is a lot of malware on Android based phones. But you should not be confused; there is a lot of malware available for all of the modern mobile phones out there. But when it comes to the Android based phones there seems to be more than most. And there are a lot of good reasons for that. And that is what we are going to talk about in this article.

The biggest reason why the Android based phones have more malware is because the phone is a lot more open than the IPhone. The Android source code is available to the public and the app store is a lot easier to get into. While this makes it easier to sniff out attacks, it also makes it easier to make attacks as well. But because Android phones are more open this means that any malware problems that it does have is fixed relatively quickly.

Another reason why Android based phones have more malware is because a lot of the malware targets the lesser phones in the Android category. Unlike the IPhone there are expensive Android based phones and there are very cheap Android based phones. When it comes to the cheap Android based phones there is very little security on the phones. These types of phones are attacked by a lot of the black hat hackers out there. So even though the cheap phones are not a good representative of the basic Android phone they still count as Android based malware.

And the last reason why Android based phones attract more malware is because these phones are used more overseas and that is where a lot of the attacks happen. The Android sells a lot more than IPhone when it comes to countries outside of the United States and Europe. And attackers attack these phones just as much as they attack western based phones which add up the attack count as well.

So as you can see the Android provides a bigger attack vector than the IPhone does. But remember the IPhone may be a little safer but it has serious security holes as well.

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