Who Or What Is Bigfoot – 10 Possible Explanations

There are a great many people who laugh at the notion of Bigfoot being anything other than a guy in an ape suit.

Equally, there are several people who believe in, or claim to have seen, a Sasquatch.

Whichever camp you are in, here are 10 possible explanations as to who or what Bigfoot could really be –

  1. An unknown and hitherto unexamined species of animal, closely related to man.
  2. Some sort of supernatural being, perceived by only a few people.
  3. A known animal, such as a bear, that has been misidentified.
  4. A large primate that has escaped from a zoo.
  5. A man in a gorilla suit perpetrating a hoax.
  6. An extraterrestrial species that occasionally visits earth.
  7. A mass media induced hallucination.
  8. A drug induced hallucination (what are these guys doing in the mountains anyway?!?)
  9. A product of a mentally unstable mind.
  10. Some other type of unexplainable event.


I’ve already asked whether readers believe in Bigfoot and after writing that post I received an email from a reader called David:

Let me begin by acknowledging that your blog entry on Bigfoot scams is well-written and researched. You have correctly identified the handful of well publicized Bigfoot accounts which are most likely embellished, misidentified or certainly fabricated. Except for the Patterson-Gimlin film of 1967 (which is still debated over 40 years later), these accounts have no corroborating physical evidence.

Shooting down the existence of a large forest primate in North America based on this handful of dubious Bigfoot accounts is an easy target. I agree with you that these accounts do not prove the existence of Bigfoot. You have set up what is called the “straw man” fallacy– you picked a collection of the weakest evidence and then you shot each one down.

Following Claire’s turn in this discussion, it would be similar to an atheist proving that God doesn’t exist by both justifiably and understandably critiquing religious belief systems which worshiped the hosts of Norse, Egyptian or Greco-Roman gods and goddesses, Baal and Asherah, celestial objects such as the sun, moon, planets and stars or rekindled neo-Pagan interest in Gaia (mother Earth). I would empirically agree that none of these exist and yet so many people have named these as “god” and cling to believing in them.

Your blog entry mentions but does not consider the stronger evidence supporting the presence and proximity of these creatures. Yes, most every Native American oral tradition has a name for these creatures and accounts of observations and interactions going back centuries which are very similar to those still being reported in modern times. Leif Ericson’s own journal of his visit to North America’s Atlantic coast circa 1,000 AD speaks of finding the place inhabited by “wild hairy men.”

Google-search for “giant skeletons” and you will find many accounts of both complete and partial giant skeletal remains which perhaps are being misidentified as human when they could actually be giant primates which resemble us.

And perhaps the best evidence is the ongoing observations by folks living near or visiting the forested and wetland habitat areas which both hide and sustain these elusive creatures.

You hand-selected and knocked down five (5) of the most questionable Bigfoot accounts. These are far overshadowed by the hundreds of accounts during recent years alone. When you or the readers of your blog have their own sighting or personal experience with one or more these creatures, you must choose whether to cling to the belief that they don’t exist or accept the fact that they do.

That email prompted me to put some more research time into Bigfoot and I now have a garbled collection of some 15,000 words that I could put into a series of posts… if anyone is interested.

Q. What is the difference between a smart blonde and Bigfoot?
A. There have been reported sightings of Bigfoot!

Please let me know via the comments below if you would like to see me make a case for the existence of Bigfoot, in addition to anything else of interest I can extract from my notes.

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  1. Merilee says:

    Not really sorry about the hell thing.

  2. Merilee says:

    God is real! Your going to hell!

  3. I have never experienced a Bigfoot sighting, though I have never really gone out looking for one. If it is to be believed that these creatures have become masters of camoflage, then it stands to reason you will NEVER see one in your lifetime. I am 38 years old and have spent much time camping in the Pacific Northwest and in British Columbia as a kid. I tell you that THIS year was the first time in my life that I saw a wild cat. A bobcat to be precise. Though I have spent countless hours in the woods, and Bobcats are known to live and thrive in our parts, I had NEVER seen one or ran into a skeleton of one. Are we to say something doesn’t exist on that alone? A lack of evidence is simply that, a LACK of evidence. It certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t there, it just means you have to look harder for it. All of these absolutes, it does exist, it doesn’t exist gets people nowhere. To discount all sightings as hoaxes or the product of an unstable or drug induced mind is a HUGELY unfounded statement considering very reputable folks claim to have experienced this creature and walked away believers. I say lets keep looking and wondering. I worry about those who wish to take the mystery out of life. Thank you for considering my posting.

    • I know you yourself have not seen a bobcat skeleton but I’m sure you are aware that other people have most definitely discovered them, many times over.

      Who has found a Bigfoot skeleton???

      I’m not close-minded and can understand that a reasonably intelligent creature could be quite determined to evade detection but surely after all these years there would be some provable type of evidence that supports the existence of such creatures?

      That said, I’d love to be proven wrong.

      We live in a wonderfully exciting world and if a creature such as Bigfoot does come out of the shadows I think it would be amazing.

  4. I’m already convinced Bigfoot exists. But I’d still like to see what you can come up with for the skeptics

    • I’ve written several from a skeptical point of view already (see the related posts underneath here) – the next ones are likely to be written from a supportive point of view.

  5. I would be interested in hearing more please Scam.

    • Ok, sounds like more posts on Bigfoot would appreciated.. I’ll look at maybe writing a new post on this topic early next week.

  6. I thought I had discovered the worlds first ever smart blond once but found out she was really a brunette. I agree, finding a bigfoot is a far more likely possibility.

    • Considering Bigfoot doesn’t exist (in my opinion), then that is a pretty damning statement about blondes!!!

  7. I am neutral about the existence of big foot, chupacabra and the like, neither a believer nor a non-believer
    I would like to see how you conclude about its existence.

  8. The thought of Bigfoot being E.T. really made me laugh. Can you imagine a big furry ape phoning home?

  9. I am undecided on the authenticity of the sightings of Bigfoot so I would be interested in reading more.

  10. Steve Hughes says:

    Anyone who believes in bigfoot is quite obviously delusional.

  11. I for one am very interested in learning more about Bigfoot so yeah, more posts would be good.

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