Who Is Your iPhone Really Talking To?

When it comes to the top of the line mobile phones out on the market it is hard to get a lot better than a modern IPhone. Sure, there are a lot of higher end android phones that will compete with it. But even against the best you know that the IPhone will either be at or near the top of the pile. And every year they continue to make the technology better and better. They have a reputation to maintain and Apple is less worried about market share than they are about making a very good product.


But even though the IPhone is a very good product it does not mean that it is perfect. There is a lot that can be criticized when it comes to the phone as well. Just like with any other tech device that is on the market, you will be able to find a lot flaws in the IPhone. And while some of these flaws are just the shortcomings of the device, there are other flaws that are considered a little bit more dangerous. They are security flaws or at least flaws that expose too much of your privacy. These are the types of flaws that we will talk about in this article.

Flaws in the IPhone

When it comes to security flaws in the IPhone we first have to take a look at the most vulnerable place on the device. And this vulnerable place is the browser that comes with the phone. The browser that comes with the phone is a Safari browser that is based on webkit. While webkit has a very good reputation in the security community when it comes to safe browsers, the one on the IPhone and the IPad does not. That is because the technology that goes into these mobile browsers are a few steps behind the technology that is in the browsers on your desktop.

The problem with having an outdated browser like this is that the bad guys can target it. In the past it was not a big deal because the black hat hackers out there were not specifically targeting the Safari browser on the IPhone. Now that has changed because of how popular the IPhone and the IPad are. Black hat hackers spend a lot of time trying to find the weakness in a browser like this. All they have to do is to lead you to the wrong website and you will see that they are able to insert something in your phone.

But it does not even have to go that far. They can just use an old school browser tricks such as link hijacking and perform that as well. Even though the browser is on the IPhone does not mean that it has special immunity. Some of tricks that black hat hackers play do not need the latest in technology to work.

But while the browser is one vector, you still have to worry about the apps on the phone as well. While the apps do go through a checking process before it is released to the app store it does not mean that they are completely safe. The bad guys can use the apps to redirect you to somewhere that is not safe anytime that they want. They can also embed a web browser inside of the actual app and redirect you the same way they would if you were in the Safari browser.

While the IPhone is for the most part safe, you have to remember that it is technology and all technology has some sort of hole in it.

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