Which Web Sites Should I Be Extra Careful On With Regard To How My Data Is Stored?

If you have been paying attention to the news lately then you might have heard about an incident at Google where one of the workers there used their privileged access to some of the databases for dubious means.

He looked up information that was considered private on some of his friends because he wanted to impress them.

He had this level of security clearance because he was a quality control engineer.

This means that he had to make sure that all of the systems were operational so that gave him clearance to some of the databases in the company that most of the workers would not have.

Since he had that much power in the company some of it started going to his head.

Google found out about his transgressions later on and they fired him.

Some people have claimed that firing him was not enough; they think that he should be put in jail for such actions.

That is a very tough position to take but it is one that is understandable.

In this article I will take a look at Google and other web sites that you might put your personal information into.

I will tell you what you should look out for so that you can make sure that your data is extra safe.

keeping your personal data safe on the internet

keeping your personal data safe on the internet

About Google…

The reason why the Google story is so significance is because of all the information that we entrust with Google.

Not only are the people who sign up for some of the many Google services watched, but also the people who just use it as a search engine.

Google keeps records of these people and they are able to do that by storing the IP address that the person uses to look up a search query.

Google is even able to keep track of people who do not sign in to their services by using the ads that they put into people’s web pages.

These ads track the IP addresses of people who come to the web site that they are on.

So with this much information Google must be careful in how they store your data.

Information exploits like the one that I talked about earlier in the article are rare at Google but it also something that we must still think about.

We do not want to take the chance that the next person to go rogue at the Google headquarters will try to expose our data.

This time they might try to use it to profit and not just to try and impress some teenagers.

Other Web Sites To Be Wary Of

Besides Google, there are a lot of other web sites that we put sensitive data into.

It is web sites like these that we must make sure that they follow a security policy that is satisfactory.

If we do not follow up and make sure that the web site is secure then we have no-one to blame but ourselves when our private data gets leaked.

Most serious web sites who take in a person’s information will have a detailed page on their web site that will describe to you their privacy policy.

They will let you know on there whether they will keep your information private at all times or will they sell it to the highest bidder.

I know that it is hard to believe but there are web sites that are out there that will take your data and sell it to other people.

The practice is not illegal as long as they tell you about it before you sign up for the service.

And they do tell you about it.

In the long forms that you see when you first sign up for a service that is called a EULA.

Most people do not take the time to read them and then they are surprised when the service does something that they consider underhanded.

The other web sites that we must be careful about are any sites that we give our data to.

The biggest web site that is out right now is known as Facebook.

It is also the site that collects the most data about us next to Google.

Facebook is a service that thrives on your personal information and they seem to want to be able to collect more and more of it.

The more that you give to them, the happier they are.

The personal data is not only used to better be able to connect you with your friends, but also to give to advertisers a way to target you better.

The Facebook service is a double edge sword when it comes to privacy and most people consider it worth it.

Another web site that you must be leery of is your personal bank web site.

While they have higher security standards than both Facebook and Google they also have security holes that can be exploited.

Make sure that your bank takes care of any security leaks right away.

Our data is everywhere these days.

Before you give any of it to a web site, make sure that they are careful in how they store your data.

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