Which Security Plugins Do You Suggest For Chrome?

Ever since the company Google has been introduced in the public eye, it took a different stance than all of the other tech companies out there. While they had a motto that would tell their developers to do no evil, the real difference between Google and the other tech companies out there was that they wanted to get revolutionary work done with as less frills as possible. While a company like Apple is known for its nice design, Google is all about simplicity and getting the work done. Their goal is try to make you are productive as possible while you are on the go.

Which Security Plugins Do You Suggest For Chrome?

And let’s face it, these days being on the go is a must for a lot of people. We see this way of thinking in their Google mail products. Everyone likes Google mail because it has a clean interface and gets the job done just as good as any of the other desktop competitors out there. Or you can take a look at a product like Google documents. This is their web version of the Microsoft Office Suite. Again, they want to take the work that you do on your desktop and allow you to do it on the go while using their cloud service. This means that you can work on a document on your laptop, IPad, and mobile phone all at the same time. It is accessible to you without you having to switch files to the other devices. So Google decided that they not only wanted to provide you with these services, they also wanted to provide you with a gateway to these services. In comes Google Chrome.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome was created for one purpose. This purpose was to create a new browser product that would be able to handle the pressures from the new upcoming web technologies. In the last six or seven years we have seen an increase in the use of the browser as an application platform and not just a platform for looking at web documents. And Google would know this because they are leading the way. Their future technology depends on how well the browsers on the market are able to handle this new technology push. So they decided that they are not going to wait for other browser creators to hold their fate in their hands. Instead they decided to push their own product out on the market and they wanted to see how it would do. With the power of Google behind it, Chrome has become one of the fastest growing browsers of all times. And Google also had the nice side effect of forcing other browser creators to compete with them. Now consumers would expect that all browsers be able to handle the type of web apps that were on the web now. And since Google was the king of them, this only benefitted them more.

A feature of the Chrome that is not touted as much, but it should be, is the security benefits of the browser. Chrome is neck and neck with Firefox with being one of the safest browsers on the internet. It was lacking a bit in the past because of the Firefox plug-in feature which would allow you to extend the safety capabilities of the browser. But this is not true anymore. Chrome now also has the ability to extend its safety features by offering plug-ins of its own. While it does not have as many as Firefox, it does have enough to keep you satisfied. Here are a couple of my favourites:


One of the most popular security extensions for Chrome is web of trust. It allows you to analyze a link before you click it. It will give you a warning whether that link is safe to travel to or not. And in this day and age on the web, this is a very useful plug-in to use. This app is based on user actions so if you find a link that is not safe and the plug-in does not detect it, then you can report it yourself. This allows you to help the next person who runs across that link.


If you need a safe place to put your password, look no further you have found one. One of the hardest things to do on the web is to keep your password and username safe. This plug-in will help you in this task. No longer do you have to come up with passwords on your own. This plug-in will gladly help you with this process. It will also help you safely fill in web forms as well. There are a lot of Chrome browser plug-ins that pertain to security that you can use. And you should really take a look at them. When you surf the web you need to be sure that you are going to be safe. Using an already safe browser like Google Chrome backed up with some of the plug-ins in their app store will help you stay really safe while surfing the web.

Which security plugins do you use/recommend for Chrome?

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