Which Live CDs Can Help Me Secure My Network?

If you are a Windows user, then you might not know all of the wonderful things that Linux can do.

If you are heavily into computers then you would be better prepared for different situations if you gained experience in using the Linux operating system.

I am not saying that you have to completely switch over to it.

Just learn some of the commands and some of the magic that it can do when it comes to computers and your network.

This is all made possible because of its open sourced nature.

Anybody with a good idea can make their own version of the system and release it to the public for consumption.

Live CD Projects

One of these ideas that was started a few years ago was the Live CD.

Every since then, there have been a lot of Live CD projects that have been released to the public.

Here are a couple that will help you make sure that your network is secured.

So that you know why a Live CD is a good thing, I will go over it a little more.

A live CD gives you the ability to test out a program or an operating system without installing the system on your hard drive.

Sometimes you just want to test something out and you do not want to install it.

A Live CD will let you do this.

Any damage that is done by a program on the Live CD will stay there since it is not touching the actual hard drive.

Once the CD is taken out the CD disk drive, everything is gone.


One of the granddaddy’s for live CD security distribution is Knoppix.

It comes with a whole host of security options that will help you be able to keep the danger on your network contained.

There are a suite of products that will allow you to test weak spots in your network and make sure that they are plugged up.

A lot of the programs that are available on the disk you can download separately, but you would have to do it one by one.

And there are dozens of programs on the disk.

By downloading this disk and running it, you will have access to all of those programs without bothering to install everything yourself.

Another great Live CD for security purposes is the Backtrack CD.

As of right now, this is probably one of the most popular around.

There are many tutorials and classes that you can take that will help you learn the different tools on the CD.

It has a whole host of security tools on it and a large thriving community to learn from.

If you are just starting out, the Backtrack CD is probably the one that you would want to start with.

There are several more Live Security CD’s that I could mention but these are two of the best.

If you think that you would like to try others, then go ahead – all you have to do is pop it in and let the magic happen.

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