Which Is Safer When You Are Working Remotely, The WiFi At The Restaurant Or On Your Phone?

We are now the most connected we have ever been as a society. With the technology that we have now we are able to get in contact with anybody at almost any time. With the rise of WIFI, cell phones, laptops, IPads and other mobile technology we no longer have to be tied down at the office to be able to get any work done. We can just set up shop anywhere that we like and start to work on our projects. And a lot of us are doing just that. We are using the fact that we are now able to be mobile to work in places like coffee shops and bookstores. If the place has an internet connection that is able to be used by the public then there is a good chance that you are going to see people there taking advantage of it.


But these days we are not just restricted to the WIFI connection that the place where we visit chooses to provide. We have technology now that allows us to take our Internet connection with us. At first the technology only included little network cards that you would plug into the USB port of your laptop. This connection would allow you to gain access to a wide area network and you would be able to use the internet no matter where you were at. But now that technology is not the only game in town. You are now able to use your mobile phone to do the same thing as well. It is called tethering and it is a game changer. But the one question you have to ask yourself about tethering is whether it is safer than using a public network?

How do I “tether” my phone?

There are several ways that you can go about tethering your phone. On some mobile carriers you can pay for the privilege. Most of the carriers out there will allow you to tether your phone to one device. But now some of the carriers are offering new technology that turns your phone into a hotspot. This means that several people will be able to use the internet that your phone provides. If you have a group of people working with you in a remote area then you could offer them all internet access through the use of your phone. The concept is basically tethering on steroids. So as you can see, tethering means that your phone is able to provide the internet to other devices around it. All you have to do his to hit a button and you will have internet. But tethering provided by the mobile companies is not the only way to allow your phone to give access to the internet to other devices. There are also third party solutions as well.

If you do not want to pay a monthly service to be able to have your phone tethered you can also use a third party solution. These programs will allow your phones to connect to your laptop or desktop and give them internet access as well. If you want to do it wirelessly you can use Bluetooth technology or you can just use a USB cord and do it the old fashioned way. Either way you will get the same results. So as you can see there are many ways that you are able to tether your phone but do you want to? Is this safer than going to a bookstore or coffee shop and using the Internet that they provide?

The dangers of WIFI

If you have the option, tethering is the safest way to access the internet while you are on the go. Keep in mind that I am not saying that it is completely safe but it is the safer option when you are comparing it to public WIFI. When people use a public WIFI station they are on the network with dozens of other people at the same time. Since this is the case, many black hat hackers have made places like these targets. They create spoof connections and plan out man in the middle attacks throughout the day. This means that while you are on the network you are a target as well. You can protect yourself while you are on the public network but most people tend to be very relaxed with their own security.

With tethering on your mobile phone you are still on a publicly available network but it is harder to break into. Plus a lower skilled hacker must pay to gain entrance to this network. It is just a much higher barrier of entry and as we all know, black hat hackers like low hanging fruit.

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