Which Folders Should I Antivirus Scan On A Regular Basis?

The file and folder system of Windows based computers can be a very complicated.

Sometimes it almost seems as though Windows goes out of its way to try and avoid you seeing important system files that are on your computer.

This is possibly because they do not want you messing around with the important files.

which folders to scan regularly

If you do, and you accidentally change one or even delete it, then your system will most likely not work anymore and you will have to reinstall the operating system.

But these same system files that Windows does not want you to touch will catch the notice of some other things that may be on your computer.

These are the files that a lot of the malware that is out there will try to attach to when they attack your system.

It is not only the restricted files and folders that you have to worry about when it comes to this.

Even folders and files that you have complete access to like My Documents will come under attack as well.

In this article I will tell you why this happens and show you what files and folders your antivirus needs to scan every day.

Why Go After These Specific Files And Folders?

There are two reasons why certain malware attacks will go after certain files and folders on your system.

One reason is that they need to be able to replace the file with their own version so it changes what your system does.

There are certain files and folders that every Windows operating system has so it is easy for a malware operator to be able to change what that particular file does.

They make their own modified version and just replace the original one.

It’s a very delicate and complicated move by the attacker but if it works it can cause your computer problems for a long time.

Another reason they will go after these particular files and folders is because they are easy to hide in.

They know that every system will have them so there will be no problems fitting in.

It is obvious when an attack creates a new file or folder – you will notice and be able to more easily delete it.

When the attack goes to a folder that is already there then you will be less likely to notice it.

Which Files And Folders Are At Risk?

The files and folders that you have to look out for are ones that are in the default places in Windows.

This means that the folders are installed in every Windows installation.

The Windows folder on the c:\ drive is where the Windows installation is typically going to be at so a lot of attacks will settle down in there.

This is true especially when it comes to the System32 sub folder that is in there.

Also, your My Documents folder is a place that needs to be scanned all of the time as this is another place where the malware will settle at.

You should make sure that your antivirus program scans the whole operating system but there are some places to scan that are more important than others.

Make sure that these areas are safe.

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