Where Can I Learn More About Computer And Internet Security? #1 MalwareCity.com


Is it a security vendor’s web site, a forum, a blog, an encyclopedia or somewhere where you can get a free online virus scan?

Well, it is actually all five of those and more besides.

Learn more about security at MalwareCity.com

Malware City is an internet security blog cum forum run by BitDefender who are a well known security vendor responsible for some of the better antivirus and internet security programs that are available right now.

If you have more than a mere passing interest in computer security then visiting this site could prove to be one heck of a time sink as there just so many different things to read and do.

If you want the latest information then there is a news section as well as a blog which covers a wide range of topics, from virus descriptions to hacking, as seen in the image below.

malwarecity blog

If you want more security information then you can search for it in the forum or even start asking questions yourself. Typically, the forum chose to be down at the exact time I went over to take a screen shot but it does have over ten thousand posts now. The forum could probably do with having a few more members in order to become a more valuable resource but there is certainly some great information there already.

malwarecity forum

In addition to the blog and forum there is also a toolbox. Here you will find a free online scanner (no substitute for having an antivirus program installed on your computer but useful nonetheless) as well as a quick scanner that only takes a minute. If you have a suspicious program that you think may be malware then you can even submit that here and have it analysed for you.

The Virus Encyclopedia details some of the recent threats and gives removal instructions for each too. Despite some minor difficulties with the English language the author of these instructions does a good job of describing how to get rid of particular pieces of malware.

The City Dictionary does a good job of listing many common security terms in an A-Z format. So if you are someone who thinks that a Smurf is a blue cartoon character then check this out.

malware city tools

Overall then, Malware City has a lot of information for anyone who wants to learn more about malware and other notable security threats. Other than links to the toolbox there is no obvious sales pushing going on here which is a good thing in my opinion.

The forum is a little quiet but the blog definitely has had a few quality posts recently. If I had one grumble, and this is very much a personal thing, it would be about the Fan Zone. Here you can find wallpapers, buttons, avatars, banners and user bars. Cool. But for the fact that that they all look a bit naff:

Malware City

C’mon BitDefender, you’ve just spent a small fortune on a rebrand so lets see the wolf…

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

… its so much better looking!

That aside, its a great site. Check out Malware City.

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  1. I have been using MalwareCity for a long time to keep up with many things. Great website.

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