Where Can I Learn More About Computer And Internet Security? #5 Help Net Security

If you are reading this or any of my other posts about security resources then it is a given that you are after a lot of information. And Help Net Security sure has a lot of it.

If you are after the latest security news then this is, quite possibly, the first site you should bookmark or add to your RSS collection.

Help Net Security

As you can see from their About page, the guys behind Help Net Security have been on the web for about 13 years now and they have built up a huge and authorative site which provides articles, book and software reviews and the (IN)SECURE magazine.

Help Net Security about

Of course everyone who visits Help Net Security has their own reasons for doing so but, for me, it is always about the news. I don’t think I have come across another security site yet that has more of it! A quick check of my RSS reader shows that the site is typically pumping out 6-10 news posts every week day. Quantity doesn’t mean low quality though – these guys have their fingers on the pulse and I myself read nigh on every news piece I see here.

Help Net Security news

But as I said earlier, its not just news that you will find here. There is a wealth of content that will appeal to anyone who has any kind of interest in security. If you check out their articles category then you will find a huge amount of opinion pieces as well as podcasts which feature key players in the security industry.

Help Net Security articles

The Software category may also be a must-see area for any visitors to Help Net Security as it

..hosts the largest security software download area with software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X..

and, having taken a look at the amount of software available, I wouldn’t disagree with that comment!

Help Net Security software

If you are not already impressed with the amount of highly useful information available here then shame on you! Keep reading though, because we’re not even half way through yet!

Next up, the video section.

With so many of us being insanely busy these days, digesting the best security information can quickly become an exercise in skim reading, so adding some videos into the mix can sure help to break things up and make the learning process a whole lot easier.

And Help Net Security does offer up a few videos. The ones they have are top quality, though this is a section that doesn’t seem to be updated quite as often as other areas of the site.

Help Net Security videos

Do you need to know about recently discovered Vulnerabilities?

If so, then Help Net Security can help you out once more. This well updated page typically features 5-6 new vulnerabilities every day.

Help Net Security risks

If you are in the security industry, or looking to join it, then conferences are a great way to learn new information as well as network with other great people. Want to know when and where the upcoming conferences will be held? Of course you do… check out the Events page.

Help Net Security events

By now I hope you will have already realised that Help Net Security has a massive amount of useful security information on offer but you still want more don’t you!

Ok, in that case, you need to check out the (IN)SECURE Magazine which is a free download.

Help Net Security magazine

As you can see from the Table Of Contents from the latest issue, it is a huge magazine. Sure, there are some adverts in there, but that can be forgiven as the information on offer is absolutely top notch,

Help Net Security insecure magazine

Hopefully I’ve conveyed just how good a resource this web site is. In fact, there is probably far more security information on offer here than you could actually read and digest in any given day!

Mirko and Zeljka Zorz along with Berislav Kucan have done an amazing job of building up what is arguably the best security resource on the net today. Check out Help Net Security now.

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  1. Great website for keeping up with information, it was one of my first rss feed sites an i share a lot from there.

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