Where Can I Learn More About Computer And Internet Security? #3 SC Magazine UK

SPURS (thats a football team, not a cowboy accessory for those of you reading this in the U.S.)

Spurs vs Liverpool

Normally the mere mention of Harry’s boys would be enough to disqualify anything touched by the hands of Dan Raywood from appearing here. But I’m in a charitable mood, especially seeing as Liverpool are still above them in the Premier League table 😀

Anyway, onto business, and today I am looking at another useful web site that will be appreciated by anyone who has more than a passing interest in internet security.

SC Magazine

SC Magazine in print

SC Magazine is, as the name suggests, printed media. According to their About Us page,

Published monthly, SC Magazine in the UK has an ABC audited circulation of 11,018 (Jan 2007 – December 2007) and is 100% controlled and requested. SC Magazine reaches the key decision-makers in IT security who are responsible for specifying and purchasing corporate IT security products and services. Over 64% of our readers are of management status and we reach all key verticals including Government, Finance, Medical, Legal and Education, as well as FTSE 350 companies.

(Perhaps someone should mention that it is now a bi-monthly publication and that we are now in 2011 ;))

But there is also a web site and that is what I am looking at today.

SC Magazine on the web

For us mere mortals who do not work in the IT security industry, SC Magazine online is one of the go to places on the web for the latest news and views. The web site consists of a few distinct areas, such as:

  • the latest news
  • a blog
  • product reviews and group tests
  • the legendary SC Awards
  • Jobs board
  • a large collection of Whitepapers


The news section is probably the one that appeals to myself more than any other and SC are normally quite quick off the mark with their reporting. Despite the good quality reporting and 2-3 news articles per day, they don’t have quite the same Social Media appreciation as, say, Naked Security, but I’d definitely recommend adding this section to your list of favourites nonetheless.

SC Magazine news


The SC Magazine blog is a bit of an enigma in my opinion. The information it provides is top quality but the posting is very infrequent to say the least. At the time I wrote this, the last ten postings have been spread over a six week period!

SC Magazine blog

Its a shame that there isn’t more activity in this area of the web site – I definitely feel that the blog has the potential to bring in a larger readership, if only it were updated on a more frequent basis.

Product reviews

If you click on the Products link on the web site then you’ll have a choice between Product Reviews and Group Tests.

Again, I find this area a bit of a letdown as the quality of information here is top draw but it is also quite old now. At the time of writing the latest product review, for GFI WebMonitor 2011, is over three months old.

SC Magazine product reviews and group tests

Likewise, with the Group Tests, the information provided is extremely useful but old once again. In this instance, the latest group test is from almost a year ago. I’m not sure why this is – perhaps the guys at SC would say it is a less popular area of the site – but it is one I feel they could freshen up and, again, attract more eyeballs with.

SC Awards

Each year SC Magazine has a prestigious awards ceremony in which they recognise people and companies that have contributed to IT security, based upon several different categories such as:

  • Best anti-malware solution
  • Best content security
  • Best enterprise security solution
  • Information security person of the year
  • and many, many more

SC Awards

If you feel that you, or your organisation, is deserving of an award, or if you would like to nominate someone else, then you have until the 24th of November to do so. Go here to submit an entry.


Are you looking for a job in the IT security arena?

If so, then there are many places where you can search one out and that includes SCmagazineUK.

SC Magazine jobs board

This area of the site does look like it is updated fairly regularly, with all the listed jobs having been posted in the last month or so.


The site is a large repository for whitepapers, with more added on a regular basis, and they are categorised as follows:

  • antivirus
  • application security
  • auditing
  • authentication
  • business continuity
  • compliance
  • DDoS
  • email security
  • encryption
  • firewalls
  • hacker detection
  • identity management
  • internet security
  • intrusion detection
  • PKI
  • policy based management
  • security management
  • web service security
If you wish to download any of these whitepapers then you’ll have to register but that is a quick and easy affair.

SC Magazine Whitepapers

My opinion

Overall, SCmagazineUK is an excellent resource. Some areas of the site, such as the blog and product reviews, look as though they could do with an update or two in order to freshen them up. Other sections, though, do contain a large volume of up to date and useful information.

I’d certainly recommend SC Magazine to those who are looking for whitepapers and news though, knowing that the news editor is a Spurs fan, you may need to battle with your conscience if your allegiances lie anywhere near the Emirates.

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