Where Can I Learn More About Computer And Internet Security? #2 Naked Security

If you were to mention the words Naked Security to someone who wasn’t in the know then you may rightfully expect to get some strange looks. If, on the other hand, you were to mention God then I’m sure all your friends would instantly know who you were talking about:

Graham Cluley

Naked Security is of course home to the legendary Graham Cluley. Legendary because… well, read his bio.

Naked Security

The second web site I am looking at in my new series of security resources is quite different to Malware City which I looked at last week. Naked Security is a blog from Sophos, a security firm which caters more to corporate security than personal products.

Whilst the blog is obviously part of a larger site that, I presume, has making money through sales of it’s security solutions as a business goal, the links to such products are notable by their absence for the most part.


Other than a link at the top of each page you will see very little, if any, pointers to Sophos’ business activities anywhere else on the blog. And thats great. And refreshing too.

What Naked Security concentrates on instead is giving you the latest security news as it happens. Judging by the articles in my feed reader I would say that there are an average of around five new posts per day and most of those articles are either breaking news or pretty close to it.

Naked Security brings breaking news

The writing style is informative but not too techy and yet gets the point across well, thanks to top quality authors such as Graham, Paul Ducklin, Chester Wisniewski and Carole Theriault.

Naked Security covers pretty well every area of internet security as you can see from their category listing of over 8,500 posts:


Even though Naked Security is a Sophos web entity it comes across as a standalone blog and there is no forum attached to it as such. (Sophos do have a forum – community.sophos.com – but thats a bit more techie and, well, boring, in my view). But that doesn’t mean to say that Naked Security doesn’t have a community feel to it. If you check out any of their articles after they’ve been up for a couple of hours you will see reader comments as well as a whole lot of social network sharing going on. At the time of writing there is an article about iOS 5 that has garnered over 1,000 Facebook likes and over 100 tweets in just a few hours:

Naked Security community

Of course Naked Security isn’t just about informative text, there are videos too. Paul Ducklin does a semi-regular spot called “60 second news” which is a personal favourite of mine. In this roundup you get, unsurprisingly, a one minute recap of the latest security news brought to you in a soothing Aussie accent. You can find Paul’s videos at Naked Security as well as on the Sophos YouTube channel.

If you have an interest in keeping up with the latest security news, and you should, then I wholeheartedly recommend Naked Security as one of the best such resources available on the web today.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. I really like keeping up with post on Naked Security, its one of my daily reads along with several other websites on security.
    I browse thru a whole bunch of security sites to grab what i think should be passed on to others.
    Of course i check in here often to see what you have posted Lee an pass on quite a bit.

    • Did you get my email the other day about G+?
      I’d also be interested in knowing what other sites you read in case there are any I’m not already aware of….

      • Whoops – Sorry Lee i havent checked my email in a while, i will go look now.

        • Got it, we should be connected now.

          • We are indeed 🙂

            I guess I’m going to have to start using it again now…

          • lol,, i have found myself using it more an more lately, i am there now more than any other place. lots of good people there, of course we have to deal with the spammers but they bite the dust fairly fast – Google so far has been good at that.

          • Well I’ve got a busy week ahead with my parents coming over but after that, I’ll give it another try…

  2. Agreed. The Sophos blog is one of the best out there. They are obviously spending money to generate good content and they seem to allow their employees the freedom to pursue their own interests.

    How many people do they have working for Sophos and how many on the blog. An interesting metric would the percentage of researchers vs bloggers vs staff. Even the big consultancies don’t seem to have this level of commitment. I can only assume that Sophos employ people who are bloggers and who can make a name for themselves.

    I do wonder what the editorial control from Sophos is, though. I know many companies that would love a high quality blog but they just won’t let their staff run loose.

    HP also have a good blog, though the recent Mary Anne Davison spat on the Oracle blog shows how sometimes things do get interesting.

    Naked Security? Try Naked Mentalism too!
    chin chin

    • You raise some interesting points there. I’d agree that they are spending money but I believe that is probably via wages that they would be paying anyway – most of the articles are written by Sophos employees rather than freelance writers or bloggers as far as I am aware. With that in mind, it is refreshing to see the freedom that Graham and others have to write as they wish, though I do know for sure that there is strong editorial control there.

      I take it you are referring to Mary Anne Davison’s post about “those who can’t do, audit”?


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