When You Are Trying To Defend Your System Do Not Forget About Your Database

You can ask most people these days and they will tell you that we are living in an informational society. The problem with that is that most of the people you ask would not know what that means exactly. This is a term that they picked up off of the news or on the internet and it just made sense to them. You can see with your own eyes that information is everywhere and if you hope to keep up in today’s society then you need to know how to access that data as well.


What the term informational society really means is that we are engulfed in just tons and tons of data that we have readily available to us at any time. But that data is not there because of the internet. The internet is just there to help us access and create the data a little bit more efficiently. No, even before we had a readily accessible internet, we had something called the database and it is the key to how we are able to access data so easily. The internet is just the icing on the cake that is the database. And that is why black hat hackers love to find new vulnerabilities on databases.

To get a little bit more specific when it comes to a database we will give you this definition. A database is a program that is able to hold the data that you put into it in an organized manner. A database is like the digital version of a to do list mixed with a journal. No matter who you are, you have used a database at some point in your life. Even if you did not know that you were using it, you have used one. For example, if your information is stored in a bank then you have used a database. It is a database that is keeping track of your accounts and how much money you have in there. Also, if you have your information at the DMV, then you are part of what is known as the federal database. It is the DMV database that allows the government to know who you are and where you live. So as you can see, you have used or been part of a database no matter if you knew it or not.

And again we restate, that is why black hat hackers love to be able to find new entrances when it comes to databases. When you find out a database has a security hole in it then you know that it means you will be able to exploit that hole as well. It really all depends on how good you are at trying to find holes in security flaws. If you are in charge of securing a database then you should really be tracking the holes that are found as well. There is no part of your infrastructure that the bad guys are going to go after more than your database so you need to make sure that there are no big holes in it that you can have filled just by applying the latest software patch. When it comes to databases you need to make sure that you keep track of that sort of thing more often than other parts of your system.

A database is very important because there is a good chance that is where most of your data is stored. So make sure your database is protected on your system or the black hat hacker who attacks is going to get all that they wanted plus more.

photo: Tim Morgan

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