When You Are A Computer Security Expert Your Enemies Are All Around The World

Dealing with computer security can be a thankless job. Most of the times you are preventing stuff from happening and no matter how much you think these changes are necessary the people who you are protecting do not. They think that you are just being overly cautious and that there is probably nothing to worry about. Yeah, they have heard all of the black hat hacker threats but they are not worried about it. They do not think that there is a big chance that your company will be attacked so you are worried over nothing.

And sometimes that thought process can be mirrored by the people who are signing your paychecks as well. They may think that because you are doing such a good job that they might not even need you anymore. Why hire someone when we are not being attacked? You know that you are keeping the bad guys away but does anyone else? Well they will find out when that big attack eventually does happen. And if you run a business that employs more than 10 people then you should be assured that it will happen and no-one will question why they hired you anymore.


In the world of computer security you are battling against a whole globe full of bad guys. When you are a cop patrolling the streets most of the bad guys that you deal with live in the same area. Or at the very least they are in the area at the moment they are performing the crime. When you are in cyber security, you may be dealing with people who have never touched a foot into your home country. You are dealing with people that you will never see and there is a good chance that you will not catch them either. Your main concern is making sure that their attack does not work. If it does work then your concern should be in trying to catch the people who did it.

When you are dealing with an enemy that is from a different time zone then that means you have to work at odd hours more than most of the other people at your company do. While the sun may be up where you live, the person who is planning your attack may asleep at midnight. While there is a major holiday going on in your country, for the person that is trying to attack you it is a normal day. It is because of these reasons why you must be prepared at all times.

And the bad guys know that they are in a different time zone as well. They know that they can hit you at different times where you would be the most vulnerable. That is why in America, Christmas is when most of the cyber security action happens. They want to be able to hit when no-one is going to be there and when the person who is there is not thinking about computer security. They are mad that they have to be there in the first place and not at home with their family.

You have to remember that the psychological aspect of hacking is almost as important as the technical aspect. Good black hat hackers are able to play both against the target to make sure that they are able to successfully complete their mission.

When you do computer security for a big or mid size company, then you have to be aware that the attacks are going to happen from all over. And that means that there is no shortage of language, time zones, and cultures that you will be facing.

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