When You Are A Computer Security Expert You Have To Get Used To Working With People Overseas

Whenever you get a new job there are certain things that can only be learned once you start. You can read all of the books and watch all of the learning videos that you want but until you step your first foot in the door you will not know what to really expect. That is what you call experience and it helps with any job that you are planning to be in for a long time. It can sometimes be nerve racking trying to get up to speed with all of the new lingo and new way of doing things but once you hang in there long enough you will be able to get the hang of it.


When you are gaining a job as a computer security expert you will find that the previous paragraph applies to you as well. Just like with any other job experience what you learned in school is only going to help you so much. There is a lot that you are going to have to learn once you start in your new position. A with computer security there is a lot that you have to learn even after you been there for years so you better be ready. There are some jobs where you learn everything that you need to know in the first week that you are there. That is not the case when it comes to computer security. With computer security and computers in general there is something new that you have to learn all of the time.

There are different segments in the world of computer security. There is the segment where you are the one making sure that companies follow security guidelines. There is also the segment which makes sure the network is safe and do pen testing to prove that it is. And there is the segment that will study the malware that comes in and determine what the point of infection is and how can you stop it. There are even more segments than that in the world of computer security but I think that you get the idea. The one thing that you do have to remember is that no matter what segment you are in you are going to be deal with threats that are of a worldwide scale. You are not like a beat cop who only deals with crime in the neighbourhood  The people that you are going to be going against live all around the world and are up at all hours of the night. When you do computer security there is no such thing as a time zone. You have to be up when the bad guys are up or they are going to be one step ahead of you at all times.

But you also have to be able to work with people from overseas as well. It will not only be the bad guys that you are dealing with, you will be also coordinating defense or learning from the good guys as well. There are plenty of white hats who are fighting the good fight overseas as well. You will find a lot of comrade in arms over IRC during this time.

So if you are getting into computer security it might help if you learn another language or two. But the main thing that you have to be ready for is that your battle is a global fight and you have to be ready at any time.

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