When The Software That You Use Has A Remote Exploit Inside Of It

When you are the end user of software, you have to trust that the creator of the software has done all that they can to make it safe. If they have not then that puts you and your system at risk. Most of the time, the creator of the software has done all that they can to make the software safe but there may still be a hole in it. Most popular software these days can consist of either hundreds of thousands or even millions of lines of code. It is hard to keep track of all of that and make sure that each line is secured. While there are some developers who are careless and either has not learned about secure coding or just do not care, most do and they will try their best to keep you safe.


But mistakes do happen. Just look at what happened to the popular WordPress framework known as WooThemes. If you do not know what it is, WordPress is a popular piece of software that is known as CMS (content Management System). It started off as a way to easily set up a blogging service but has now turned into a way to set up an entire web site easily. WooThemes is a Framework that sits on top of the WordPress software. It allows you to make a theme for the WordPress software easily so that it is unique looking.

Well anyway, the WooThemes framework was found to have a serious security breach in it. It allowed an attacker to have a back door entrance into your website. This kind of breach is known as a remote exploit and it can happen to any type of software. The hole was fixed up but not after a lot of damage and lot of updates had to be done before the breach occurred it would seem. A hole like this in your software can not only damage the user but it can also damage the reputation of the developer as well.

A remote exploit is probably the worst thing that can happen to you as an end user. This means that someone has invaded your space and there is a good chance that you do not even know about it. It is especially worse when the problem is on a website that you own. When it happens to software that is installed on your computer, there is a good chance that the damage is just limited to you and whoever else is affected by the exploit. But when the remote exploit is on software that is installed on a website, then that means that not only is your site being affected but the users that come to your site as well. And until you find out what is going on, you do not know what the bad guys are doing to your users.

If you are the creator of software that has a remote exploit or if you run a website that has had a remote exploit attack then you should inform your users of the problem. That is the responsible thing to do. It does not matter if you do not think that the problem has affected them. They were put at risk and it is your responsibility to tell them.

When a remote exploit happens it’s something that you should take very seriously indeed. It is time to do a serious security check on your computer or on your server when it is found.

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